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📶 It’s Arjun from HelloWoofy.com and we are so excited for sharing with you new feature updates, news and updates around our current equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder.com/HelloWoofy. Thanks to our thousands of underdogs, we’ve been able to raise over $800,000 in funding to continue building a smart marketing platform for underdog small businesses around the world and our latest campaign just passed $90,000!!! Have you invested as low as $100 into the campaign while there is time? Join a startup that continues to grow double digits and give small businesses hope automating social media, blogging and smart speakers. 😀

Why Leading Venture Capitalists / Investors Invested in HelloWoofy.com

“We’ve had the unique opportunity to watch HelloWoofy.com from early in its journey and it’s clear that Arjun and his team have what it takes to see this project through. Arjun is one of the most determined and passionate founders you could ever hope to meet. He leaves no stone unturned and he has a deep understanding of his market, and his customers.”

😀 [VIDEO] Wondering How to Schedule Instagram Reels, IGTV, Stories, Feed Posts or Facebook Reels, Timeline Posts and Non Admin Group Posts? 💕

📲 Scheduling via HelloWoofy Mobile Apps Instagram (Reels, IGTV, Stories, Feed Posts), TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook Meta (Reels, IGTV, Timeline Posts, Non Admin Group Posts) 🙌

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📈 [VIDEO] Are you running a remote social media agency + want to impress your clients by showcasing your team’s creative content? Do it with HelloWoofy’s coming soon AR app! 📲

📶 That’s right, watch the demo below to witness what the future of running social media agencies from home will look like as you invite your clients into an immersive experience in augmented reality. Best part? It only requires an android or iOS Apple device such as an iPad or iPhone to join a group presentation and see creative content ready to be posted or already posted in a visual timeline right in your living room. Let us know what your thoughts are, feedback etc. as we roll this feature our for Agency Plus and Enterprise plans (upgrade now before prices go up in a few days). 😀

Invest in HelloWoofy.com as Low as $100

📈 [VIDEO] What’s the Next BIG Thing in Search Engine Optimization? GOOGLE WEB STORIES!!! 📲

📶 First off, we at HelloWoofy.com are always cutting edge and in the spirit of making sure our customers, the underdogs, are as well, we are always looking for ways to enhance your digital marketing efforts with ease. AND, this includes SEO or search engine optimization. Watch the video below of how we are creating an automated process to schedule Instagram-like stories that will appear in search results when prospects search for your brand, your products, services and more. In the example below there is one publication we searched for, not affiliates with HelloWoofy, and you can see how under the search results there is a section called “Visual Stories”. We will be creating new ways to automatically create the graphics, the content etc. for you especially as an e-commerce store owner so stay tuned as we take your SEO to the next level. Plans starting at Agency will include this feature (grab your plan now or upgrade before prices go up in a few days). 😀

😱 Google Web Stories by HelloWoofy.com, Smart Marketing for Underdogs (Starting at Agency $99/Year Plans or Higher) 😀

Invest in HelloWoofy.com as Low as $100

📈 Need Answers to Sales Funnels, Facebook Ads, Creating Evergreen Content Strategies and More? Hire Us $50/Hour! 📲

📶 If you have been searching for ways to get your business off the ground but need answers from an expert in building businesses, hire us! We’ve done numerous group masterminds for Free as a perk of being a HelloWoofy.com customer (every Friday 12 pm EST) but it’s getting to the point some of our customers need one on one time. Which is why we created the SMB Consulting Call for $50/Hour we can whiteboard everything you need from creating strategies for evergreen content, creating sales funnels for under $500, to Facebook Ads and beyond…ask us, move on, execute and win as an underdog. CLICK HERE TO HIRE US! 😀

Invest in HelloWoofy.com as Low as $100


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Invest in HelloWoofy.com as Low as $100

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Invest in HelloWoofy.com as Low as $100