How To Grow Your Small Business With Gratitude {easy tips you can use today}

hands full of winter greenery

hands full of winter greenery

Gratitude equals an IV infusion of small business positivity.

Need some entrepreneurial fuel and fire to finish out a crazy global pandemic year? Some small businesses have taken a huge hit. However, there’s also never been a bigger opportunity for the online digital marketing space. 

Now, more than ever, we need to look for the positive. Why not try infusing your final quarter with a mega dose of gratitude? 

New York Times bestselling author Tim Sanders tells his story in Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence.

Circumstances beyond his control sent him spiraling downwards into what he calls his “sideways years.” Now he’s a best-selling author, former Yahoo! executive, in-demand speaker, and leadership coach. 

One of the most important steps out of Tim Sander’s downward spiral was learning to exercise his gratitude muscle. 

“Gratitude not expressed is thanks not given… when you share your feelings of gratefulness, you paint yourself into a positive corner with others, and, more importantly with yourself,” states Sanders. 


How about sharing those feelings of gratitude with your current clients? While your list may differ, here are a few easy practical tips:

  1. Segment your email list. Then send a thank-you note to all the clients who have actually purchased from you this year. If possible, personalize these emails with the actual name of the client. While a “dear client” letter is better than nothing, people love to be mentioned by name.
  2. Have a bigger budget? Send a signed “thank you” card to all of your clients via actual mail. Include a small gift like a branded business magnet, pen, or bookmark. Does this seem hopelessly outdated? Well, your little branded gift may end up on a desk. Your company will be top of mind when the need arises again for your services or product.
  3. Show some personalized social media gratitude. Plan a Gratitude Week. Here’s how:
  • Compile a list of all your 2020 clients.
  • Create 5 branded “thank you” graphics in Canva or your favorite graphic design software.
  • Divide your client list by 5 and plan a Gratitude Week.
  • Each day of the week, post a new graphic and tag your selection of clients for that day.

Find a way to give back to your clients.

“Gratitude will give you a desire to give back, so act on it, because when you give from a heart of thanks, you are ready to be rich.”  Tim Sanders

Invest in a new piece of free valuable, downloadable content for your clients. Whether it’s a how-to guide, video course, or ebook, give away something valuable. Like your faithful dog chasing a ball, it’s sure to come back to you. 

At HelloWoofy, Inc, we’re deeply grateful for YOU — our growing clientele! We’re always giving back in a paws-itive way. We’re on a mission to give every business a fighting chance online. 

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