HelloWoofy.com and Amazon’s Alexa Are Your New Best Small Business Marketing Friends #bettertogether

Did you know that HelloWoofy.com now offers white labeling of Alexa skills to reach your audiences at home?

What does having an “Alexa skill” mean? Basically, skills function like apps on your phone. Skills are yet another method of on-demand voice search and content consumption ranging from audio, video — or text to audio formats.

Why does this matter? During the ongoing global pandemic, smart speaker sales are still expected to grow by 21% in 2021! Cool data from TechCrunch, huh?

So how does this apply to small business owners?

First of all, Alexa skills are a hot and rapidly growing way to diversify your outbound marketing strategy. Big name brands like Tide and Purina are already tapping into Alexa skills voice search marketing.

We haven’t forgotten about you, our favorite #underdogs of marketing!

How does HelloWoofy.com help small businesses get seen and heard through Alexa?

Since HelloWoofy.com has its own Amazon Alexa skill, you may easily share all the content you create and upload on HelloWoofy.com with your clients who opt in. Then your clients will be able to hear your written, audio, and video content by simply asking Alexa. Woah! Also, if you have the SMB or Agency plans, you can white label your own skills with your own branding!!

What are some reasons why you should set up your own white-label skill on Alexa?

Build a lovable brand with loyal followers.

What do your clients already love about you? Highlight this with more helpful content uploaded and distributed by HelloWoofy.com.

Entice your clients to ask Alexa,”Play the Bob’s Pizza Shop Skill” from your small business to share tips, tricks, or value based content.

Upload your latest friendly, helpful, and interesting content with a great story hook.

How to get started? Brainstorm!

  • What questions are YOUR potential clients asking Alexa? Make a list.
  • What do they search for that is relevant to your business  — products or services?
  • Check out your client comments, reviews, and note questions they ask about your business on your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media pages.

You need to know this data to improve. You’ll be able to provide content they actually want. You’ll know the keywords you clients are searching for, too. Remember to check for this data on Alexa.com, as mentioned in our recent article.

By using the Alexa.com toolbar, you’ll be able to determine much more accurately what your clients search for online. Know your clients wants and needs. Then you can step forward and help. Be the superhero!

Get found. Pairing HelloWoofy.com with Alexa gives you another voice in the noisy online space of small business brands.

Please! Don’t miss out on this #businessgrowth opportunity, though. Set up your Alexa white-label skill in HelloWoofy.com. PRESTO! You’ll have a searchable skill that’s found through Amazon’s Alexa.

Organic growth is like having a goose that lays golden eggs. We’ll give you the basic set-up steps below. 

Improve your clients’ overall customer experience. Educate.

According to this Hubspot article, Purina, a well-known pet food market, uses their own Alexa skill to help clients find general information they need and want about their furry friends.

“The skill it created, Ask Purina, uses Amazon AI to answer customers’ questions about products. Additionally, it serves as an authority on dogs in general. Users can “Ask Purina” about current or future products, and get answers to queries like, “What breeds are best with children?” or “Find me dogs that don’t shed.”

Once again, the more you know about the market you serve, the better.

Here’s how you set up your own HelloWoofy.com Alexa skill. 

First, check out HelloWoofy.com’s YouTube explainer video: ✅ Amazon Alexa Demo by Arjun Rai at HelloWoofy.com 🎙️

Next, enjoy these written instructions as follows: 

  1. Click the CREATE SKILL button on the right side of your HelloWoofy.com screen.
  2. Name your skill under Title. Add background and logo.
  3. Submit for approval by the HelloWoofy.com team.
  4. Agree to the Community Guidelines.
  5. Create and schedule your content on HelloWoofy.com
  6. Ask your clients to opt-in and download your skill.

At HelloWoofy.com, we’re committed to our helping our small business owners grow “auto-magically”. 

Have questions? We’ll add more helpful #smartspeakermarketing tips on the blog. Feel free to reach out to us in our friendly, growing Facebook community, too!


Arjun Rai

Founder and CEO