Socially Authentic Instagram Marketing Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners

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Are you considering an Instagram marketing strategy to attract more business?

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If so, you’re in good company!

More than ever, online communities such as Instagram are the small business go-to hot marketing hubs. Hootsuite notes more than one billion active monthly users in their 2020 Instagram demographics report. How do you hone in on this market?  

Start with your who and why. 

Know your ideal client avatar. (ICA)  

Are you targeting a younger female market? Instagram is the perfect “meet and greet” platform.  About 67% of Instagram users are women ages 18-29.  

However, while only 31% of men in the U.S. report using Instagram, there’s plenty to entice the male population. You’ll find male celebrities, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and busy entrepreneurs alike, including founder and CEO of HelloWoofy, Inc., Arjun Rai. #instagrammarketing

Keep digging into the mindset of Gen Z and Millennials. Research, research, research!

Millennials are the next big wave of buying power in the U.S. Do a deep dive. You’ll want to get to know them well. Here’s a few tips.

According to, Millennials are socially-conscious, experience-driven, and brand-loyal. In other words, they tend to buy from brands they follow on social media. If you gain their trust, you’ll have a long term client. 

Both Millennials and Gen Z spend hours online via a smartphone. It’s their alternate universe! No wonder Instagram is a place they’ll spend time connecting and following. 

Your top goal for both generations is this, really!  Create a warm, fun, but clear user experience on Instagram. notes that Gen Z, born after 1995, will represent a massive 40% of consumers by 2020. Savvy small businesses, listen up! They’re a “no sh*t, Sherlock” breed. 

What Gen Z hates? Being labeled or talked down to! 

Instead, actually DM or text them. Genuine personal interactions without the fluff or salesy marketing matter to Gen Z. 

While very tech-savvy, Gen Z also is a skeptical buyer. Edgy, story-driven marketing especially in short video format is what attracts them to stay for more than five seconds.

Respect the scroll — use sound-bite social media. 

Truth. Instead of spending hours watching TV or with our noses in books, we often find ourselves endlessly scrolling. 

Use short, clear posts to get your point across. Sound bites are usually one sentence that says it all. Your ONE big idea. 

A simple graphic with a background, your logo, and attractive fonts are great tools for sound bites. 

Be super clear about the benefits and value you provide.

Also try story pics, similar to sound bites. Substitute an actual pic for the background. You’ll be competing with the mobile scroll and lightening speed thumbs. Looong story or slightly boring? Click. Delete. You’re cancelled. 

Start meaningful conversations.

If you’re the new kid — or business — on the block, introduce yourself. Use social bite-sized posts to ask great questions, such as,“What are your goals for the coming year?” 

Marketing to businesses? Try this question. “What is your biggest frustration with your business right now?” 

All people want to be seen and heard. 

Provide value tips regularly.

When your target audience walks away with a valuable tip, they’re going to remember you. When they’re ready to buy, you’ll be top of mind. 

How do you provide value? Visit the comment section of those questions you’ve been asking. Notice what questions are being asked in other related feeds and stories.

Share posts you find valuable from other online business owners.

Use the NEW IG search tool to your advantage. Here’s the inside scoop.

Instagram is now using both hashtags and keywords to aid searches. Here’s a valuable tip a popular IG expert @brock11johnson shared to maximise your post visibility on IG.  

  • Use the “Advanced Settings” when you go to post.
  • Tap, “Write Alt Text”.
  • Type in keywords related to your post. 
  • Save and Share! 

Furry friends are welcome. 

Digital marketers and businesses of all shapes and sizes are introducing their pets to the world. Add that warm friendly touch with a bit of fur (or skin). More than one business has a popular, best selling pet mascot. 

Consider Geico’s gecko with his own flavor of IG account (20.3k followers strong). Of course, HelloWoofy, Inc. would give you a high-paw for your likes, follows, and shares on Instagram, too. Let’s connect, shall we?