Values-Driven Small Business Marketing Tips

Woman at desk with tools

Hey, are you a newly-minted remote business owner?

Maybe you suddenly transitioned to building a business from home in the past 12 months. Hello, Covid-19 pandemic!

Even the most brilliant business owners are re-evaluating and pivoting their marketing efforts. 

Underneath it all, though some things don’t ever change. Your buyers want to know, like, and trust you before they buy from you.

If you’re new to the world of buyer personas and online marketing, we’re here to give you a friendly, helpful paw. You’re not alone if you feel frustrated and confused at times. Where to start? 

Market to humans (and be sure to treat their furry best friends nicely, too).

Sure, your potential clients are going to read reviews and try to make a logical decision. But you’re still marketing to humans — real people with real faces behind all the masks. 

The easiest place to start is your social media presence. 

Share real-life business updates. Tell stories of your fears, your failures, and your successes. 

Post a pic of you doing something you love or sharing time with your furry friends. 

What does your target market VALUE?

“You value what you perceive most missing,” states Dr. John Demartini of The Values Factor.

How do you help your ideal clients achieve what they need, want, and value? 

You can often find clues of these values and needs in the questions your clients ask when you talk to them. Not talking directly to your clients on social media or in personal phone calls and emails? Time to start chatting in your online neighborhood! 

Make talking to your clients a priority.

You may need to set up and start a Facebook group especially for your clients. Where do your clients hang out on social media, especially in groups that relate to your business? 

We’re not talking about being a creepy stalker! However, business Facebook groups are a great place to hang around and see what your potential market is chatting about. 

Write down your ideal clients’ values, needs, and wants. 

Does your company have a written purpose and value statement?

Have you clearly identified your ideal clients’ needs, wants, and values in a written business mission? Keep gathering and updating that “intel”. 

What is your business mission statement? 

Make a vision board or mission statement banner that you see every single day to remind you of the value you strive to bring to others.  

Optimize your business systems to better serve your clients. 

Dr. Demartini also notes this: what you value the most, you organize the most. 

Maybe your furry friend sleeps on that pile of clean laundry that never gets put away. Why? You’d rather spend your time elsewhere, right? At least your clothes are clean.

Often creatives or busy entrepreneurs need help with organization in their businesses. It’s easy to feel like you’re chasing your own tail! There’s hope, though, if you take advantage of free or inexpensive business management tools. Not only will you look more professional, you will also serve your clients more efficiently. 

When cash flow allows, create even more freedom by hiring a virtual assistant! 

Meanwhile, make sure you serve your clients well in these key ways.

  • A business email account. Be sure to add an email signature that highlights the value you provide.
  • Prompt response to client concerns and questions
  • A Slack or Trello account for team communication and project management
  • Text message or Facebook Messenger availability to your clients
  • Easy way to accept client payments online
  • Product or service improvement (even IF it is an upsell, because your time and money are also a VALUE factor). 

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Arjun Rai

Founder and CEO