Nine Social Media Automation Platforms to Fast-Track Your Content Marketing

Does your content marketing feel like a race to the bottom of the social media marketing ladder?

With so many yipping voices on social media, HelloWoofy,com is right there in the thick of the content marketing competition with you.

Help is only a few clicks away. Ever tried social media management scheduling software?

This constantly-evolving solution is one sure way to automate and speed up your content delivery pipeline.

It’s DECISION time — time to take control of your content.

We’re offering you nine + options. (Pssst…. but only ONE of them is automagically affordable and offers #smartspeakermarketing options.)

1.) enjoys sniffing out our friendly neighbors in the social media management/scheduling community.

(Erm, nose-to-nose sniffing, not the other end!) While we’re one of the very few social media content management tools driven by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), we love to share the great features our neighbors offer.

In order to compare, take a quick peek at our features first. Fair is fair, right? Here are many of our current features at the lowest tier — a $49 ANNUAL price. That’s right. You pay ONCE a year for all of this awesomeness!

  • Host up to 25 social accounts and 9 team members.
  • Enjoy FREE Hootsuite Integration and Google Chrome extension.
  • Download our free iOS mobile app for Instagram scheduling. Android is on it’s way.
  • Automate all of your social media post scheduling.
  • Post on Facebook (Groups AND Pages), LinkedIn (Personal Profiles and Pages), Instagram (up to 10), TikTok, Twitter, (Alexa Skill coming soon).
  • Generate quotes from articles using cutting-edge AI/NLP.
  • Autocomplete texts in social posts using words, emojis, hashtags PLUS copyright-free image suggestions, thanks to AI.
  • Analyze library content for compliance with AI.
  • Auto-complete blog posts and Auto-schedule to (WordPress is on its way).
  • Auto-generate relevant hashtags.
  • Get hashtag playlists.
  • Research with our visual search engine.
  • Use text translation into ANY language.
  • Utilize HelloWoofy’s social media management platform (CRM).
  • Enjoy voice-powered commands.
  • Smart library storage
  • Engage your audience with our real-time emoji keyboard.
  • Import custom RSS feeds into your library, bulk upload images, and more
  • FREE Google Chrome extension

For our small business owner ($69 annually) and agency ($99 annually) tiers, we now offer Alexa skills #smartspeakermarketing on Your content becomes immediately available in home for your clients who opt-in and follow your business.

2.) Hootsuite‘s most comparable plan to ours starts at $129 per month.

We love our friendly neighbor. Please note our free integration with Hootsuite as an option on! Let’s check out how the benefits and features of Hootsuite compare at this level (minus their HUGE leap in pricing.) Hootsuite offers the following:

  • Add up to 3 Team members.
  • Connect up to 20 social media accounts.
  • Integrate with Facebook, Instagram, LInkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Enjoy automated post scheduling.
  • Connect 250 + free apps.
  • Access analytics and reports.
  • Create a content publishing calendar.
  • Manage paid ads up to $2,000 boosted post spend.

3.) Buffer starts at $50 per month for their Pro Plan. finds their options more suitable for well-established small businesses due to pricing.

  • Post to Instagram business profiles, Facebook pages, and Twitter
  • Upgrade to the $85 monthly plan to use the Analyze tool. You get suggestions of when, what, and how often to post based on your social media performance metrics.
  • Post a maximum of 2,000 monthly posts on up to 8 social accounts
  • Communicate your social media metric by creating detailed reports to send to your business partners or team members.
  • Add up to six team members to Buffer. This requires yet another upgrade to the Business plan for $99 a month.

4.) We give a friendly tail-wag to MeetEdgar for their small business-friendly two-tier pricing and great features. 

The plan most comparable to is the $49 monthly plan. Edgar’s great features include:

  • Connect up to 25 social media platforms with 1,000 different auto-recurring time slots.
  • Scheduled unlimited posts AND unlimited content library.
  • Source RSS feeds for posting, including YouTube.
  • Supports video and photo content.
  • Automate your content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Use Chrome extension browser to generate social media post quotes when you share articles/
  • Create compliant variations for resharing your content on Twitter.

5.) RecurPost also gets a high-paw for their solopreneur and small business-friendly pricing tiers.

They offer many great features at the $50 a month option. Pay yearly and grab two months for free! Here are a few main highlights:

  • Connect up to 20 social media accounts.
  • Add two team members.
  • Utilize unlimited Tweet variations.
  • Enjoy advanced analytics and unlimited content library.
  • Import other tool updates.

6.) Need an account that will grow gradually with your business without taking a pricey leap? Think Publer! 

Their most comparable plan to starts at $22 a month.

You can add team members for $2.00 each and social media accounts for $3.00 each. Features we share in common?

  • Create hashtag suggestions.
  • Allows for multi-photo posts, videos, and GIFs.
  • Auto schedule posts, recurring posts, and YouTube videos.
  • See analytics reports.

7.) We enjoy some basic features in common with TrajectSocial at their $99 a month pricing option. 

  • Add up to 30 social media profiles and 6 team members.
  • White label your brand.
  • Schedule your content and recurring posts.
  • Syndicate your content with RSS feeds.
  • View analytics and create reports.
  • Create or upload content with Traject’s mobile app option.

8.) Like Zoho Social’s professional features?

We’d recommend that you have at least six clients you serve in your social media agency.

At a $2,400 annual price tag you can serve up to ten brands. Here’s a run-down of what you get for your money:

  • Serve 10 brands (7 channels per brand — no TikTok or Pinterest mentioned, sorry).
  • Feature your agency name, logo, favicon, and custom domain.
  • Produce agency branded analytic reports.
  • Onboard up to 5 team members.
  • Utilize Zoho’s CRM.
  • Schedule and publish posts, recurring posts, and bulk schedule posts.
  • Reply to DMs or see who responded from your team.
  • Monitor post analytics.

9.) On eclincher, you’ll pay $119 a MONTH to enjoy a level of social media channel posting capabilities.

Some great features highlighted on eclincher are:

  • Schedule and post on multiple social media platforms.
  • Auto bulk post.
  • Track social media campaigns.
  • Plan, create, and schedule content in eclinchers’ visual calendar.
  • Pick from free commercial-use photo and video libraries.
  • Monitor and interact with all platforms in one convenient social inbox.
  • Utilize Chrome extension.
  • Download mobile app for on-the-go social media management.

10.) BONUS! Meet Lately — a new  AI-driven social media scheduling platform.

We’ll give them an honorable mention for that — because HelloWoofy loves, loves, loves AI. However, if you’re building a remote social agency and plan on hiring a team, you’ll need a sweet stash of cash to use this scheduler.

Lately’s VIP Plan is $149 a month, per active user (according to their website)

(40 social accounts on each platform)

  • Team Member Access
  • Website Drag & Drop Builder
  • Facebook, LInkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube Posting & Scheduling
  • Google business Posting & Scheduling
  • 24/7 support
  • Spintax support
  • Add Custom Watermark
  • Image Editor
  • Cloud import: Google drive, Dropbox
  • File type support: Photo, Video
  • Storage: 12000 MB
  • Max. file size: 6000 MB

We thought it was only fair to offer a shout-out to our neighbors. is here for you, small business owner. We’re in business to give the #underdog a fighting chance.  If you automate your marketing, you’ll start winning on social media.

Are you time-strapped? Trying to make the most out of every marketing dollar?

Let us help you save up to 10 hours a week. Compare our features and pricing options with that of our neighbors. is for real when we say we’re only the price of a daily cup of coffee.

As you can see, we consistently out-give our neighbors with amazing features and options.

If you join the community now, for a limited time only, we offer a YEARLY membership fee of $49 with SO many incredible options. 

What’s more important? You can afford to grow your team with You’ll get friendly, helpful support along the way from our team, too. More features are continually added.

In fact, we’ve just rolled out the ability for you to explore #smartspeakermarketing on Amazon’s Alexa!

We’ll give you a how-to lesson in an upcoming post.

Plus, you’ll get access to all of the future updates at our lifetime membership price. We’d love to invite you to a neighborly chat “over the fence” to see HelloWoofy’s own special demo of our good neighbor pricing and features today. Be sure to lock in your lifetime pricing now!


Arjun Rai

Founder and CEO