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We’re SUPER excited to bring you this report — and some news you can use TODAY!

Hello to our awesome small business owners! Hope you’re wrapping up a fabulous first quarter. We’re so grateful to you our customers for supporting

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, this is HOW much we grew from January to February as an example (we’ve hit as high as $17,000/m in revenue).


We’re also proud of our team at for pushing in 2021 to help #underdogs with their smart marketing.

Week over week (15.7% ), month over month (10.2% ), we continue to kick a** and GROW.

We are grateful to our loyal customers for suggesting improvements and for your patience as we implement our ever growing roadmap.

Wow! We love the new features suggestions, too! Please keep them coming.

Did you know you could OWN a piece of Here’s some amazing news for prospective investors (invest as low as $100 before April 30th, 2021): 

Under new SEC laws, small business/startups can raise up to $5M. Check out our YouTube explainer video here for more information.

Startups can now let their customers invest even more while building this business FOR their customers. is an amazing example of this approach. We’ve raised over $172k so far. Once we reach $250k, our company’s valuation will increase to a higher valuation so click here to INVEST NOW.

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We thank you for joining us on this journey. #growthmindset

Hey! Get your marketing mo-jo going this month! Don’t forget to set up your Amazon Alexa skill on if you have purchased an agency plan. 

Learn more about marketing with Amazon’s Alexa here on our blog and watch .

Use our quick and dirty tips to get started RIGHT away with this extra #smartspeakermarketing awesomeness.

First, check out’s YouTube explainer video: Amazon Alexa Demo by Arjun Rai at 

Next, follow these written instructions: 

💪 Click the CREATE SKILL button on the right side of your screen.

💪 Name your skill under Title.

💪 Add background and logo.

💪 Submit for approval by the team.

💪 Agree to the Community Guidelines.

💪 Create and schedule your content on

💪 Ask your clients to opt-in and download your skill.

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Hot News!

Thank you, Neil Patel, for the shout-out in your Angels and Entrepreneurs Momentum Report.

Forbes Magazine also named us a “best tool” for newbie content creators. Wow! 2021 has been a terrific year so far. Just read! 👇

“6. Helping Newbies Create Effective Content

The best tool I have come across is Hello Woofy. This tool is an industry disrupter. You can create a post using predictive text or predictive emojis based on what is trending and it handpicks your hashtags. There are also tons of royalty-free pictures. You don’t need to have any skills to make effective marketing content.”

Many thanks also to the contributing writer Sara Pugh, Talent Mavericks.

🤓Last, but not least, LOOK at our recent March numbers so far in our featured image! Thank YOU again. 🥰

If you haven’t invested yet, here’s your WeFunder link again.

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Arjun Rai, Founder and CEO, Smart Marketing for Underdogs