57% Increase in Engagement in Small Business Marketing with Woofy’s Data Science Engines. 


1000 subscriptions at special cut-rate pricing of $10/m offered for a limited time through September 6, 2019, as part of a launch campaign.


New York, NY (August 15, 2019) – /, the world’s first all inclusive artificial intelligence, compliance, and data science-driven social media marketing platform launches today to support small businesses and content marketers globally. A first of its kind, the platform introduces a contextual emoji, word, hashtag and image smart recommendation tool designed to increase social media post engagement by up to 57%. One thousand limited edition cut-rate subscriptions at $10/m have been made available through September 6, 2019 with the discount code, “WoofyLaunch”. 


“Our goal is to develop a platform to level the playing field for the underdogs, the small businesses around the world, to help them compete when it comes to digital marketing,” says Founder and CEO, Arjun Rai, “Like your best friend, Woofy is always there, recommending when, how, and what to post using the power of data science. Woofy’s powerful artificial intelligence, compliance, and predictive linguistics engines make this possible giving the business owner valuable time back to run their business.”


Watch Trailer (VIDEO) excels in saving marketers over 10-15 hours a weekly from the social media grunt work and endless time-consuming tasks. The platform facilitates social media marketing with easy drag and drop bulk campaign scheduling, and content discovery from one simple visually appealing dashboard. Its dynamic machine learning technology allows users to generate engaging content automatically from articles, blog posts in addition to providing customers the means to develop creative graphics within the platform itself. When creating content, the platform makes recommendations for the most engaging emojis, hashtags, images, words, phrases and quotes to use. A marketer’s “exoskeleton” and dream come true with the ability to autocomplete posts as well. 


Appealing to global marketers especially in parts of the world where English is not their first language, also helps complete sentences and find relevant English content. To highlight this advance backend technology, was created as the world’s first “visual search engine” based on complex network theory (marketers may enter any marketing copy and see immediate results of what emojis, words, images and hashtags would do well followed by simply clicking on the recommendations from the graph then clicking “copy to clipboard”). 

Watch Trailer (VIDEO)

With new platform features in development, the startup seeks new strategic partners to join their significant roster of experts and stakeholders. Among several well known advisors onboard is Hootsuite founding engineer, Beier Cai, as well as Peter Bordes, an initial investor in Buffer and currently the Co-Founder and Chairman of OneQube. “This is literally what I envisioned as a modern social media tool to help small businesses managing their presence effectively and glad to finally make it a reality,” stated Beier Cai. “The platform makes data science so easy to grasp that anyone can get started in under 10 minutes whether a young influencer or seasoned marketing executive.”


Investors include Steve Hayden (former Chief Creative Officer and Chairman of Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide and notable copywriter behind the Apple “1984” ad), Jodie Green (CEO and Founder, Little Dragon Digital), Peter Thiel backed 1517 Venture Capital Fund, and the Glenn Argenbright founded Quake Capital Partners (named Top 10 most active fund by Forbes) just to list a few. 


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About / is a data science driven social media marketing platform designed to help small businesses and marketers globally compete in today’s digital world with the power of data. Woofy’s powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning engines serve as the foundation for its effective and efficient social media management dashboard. Powered by, a visual search engine for finding the most engaging emojis, words, images, and hashtags for social media posts, the innovative platform inspires compliant content creation, facilitates social media post creation, and eases bulk campaign scheduling with voice-assisted technology. Founded by 4x entrepreneur, Arjun Rai, the company is based at the heart of advertising and marketing industry in New York City with a globally based team. 

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