[Video] Woofy Releases New Data Science Research: Predictive Linguistics Engine (or Autocomplete Engine)

Woofy’s latest research to help marketers autocomplete their social posts.

Driven by data science. Simple. Save over 10+ hours of gruntwork!

Today, the Woofy team is excited to introduce to you a concept of data science that powers the Predictive Linguistics engine
empowering you, as a content marketer, to automatically complete words and phrases as well as receive suggestions for hashtags based on cutting edge research. Before we jump into the concept, let’s begin by giving you a simple example including how we began the research. 

Pretend you have a friend named Lisa and Lisa has a friend named Bob. We now must ask, what’s the likelihood of Bob getting along really well with you OR what’s the likelihood of Lisa getting along with Bob’s friend, Sam? These “relationships” and degrees of separation are represented by “edges” which are simply showing you the connection from one “node” to another. Those nodes are people in this given example. You may have also heard of this concept being known as “social networking theory” again to represent people and degrees of separation

In our research we wanted to figure out how could we map the entire english language to provide you as a content or social media marketer the best copy, words, phrases and hashtags when writing social media posts. As a result, we ended up analyzing millions of data points and learned that an engine around this would super charge any social copy effort. We then called it a “predictive linguistics engine” that current customers will be able to test run it in a few days within the Woofy marketing platform while a publicly available version is available here (if you’d like access, email arjun@hellowoofy.com, and simply ask for the password!).

Let’s take a look at the research and demo of the engine below:


To learn more about the various other engines our data science team has built, check out the product page as well as the homepage. We are constantly working to introduce the latest and greatest  data science approaches to reduce the gruntwork that goes into social media marketing. Our mission is to support you as an entrepreneur, small business owner, content marketer etc. when it comes to doing what you’re best at…running your business. Woofy was designed with cutting edge technologies and an ambitious vision to empower small businesses around the world. So please share this blog post, our research and most importantly, join our pre order campaign here and get your subscription while the prices are low (as low as $7/month!!!). Hustle on!



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