How To Optimize Your #Pinterest For Business Marketing To Snag Leads and Clients🙌

pinterest marketing for small business owners

Have you ever had that fleeting thought, “I wonder IF I could use Pinterest for business marketing?”

Today is chatting🎙️with Heather Farris She’s a successful Pinterest ad agency owner and marketer we truly enjoy partnering with.

We know all of our favorite #underdog small business owners might be wondering — why use Pinterest marketing for MY business? Then we’ll answer the basic “how-to” questions. We’re so excited to share Heather’s advice with you. Let’s get this conversation rolling!

Heather, don’t many use Pinterest mainly for enjoyment, such as decorating or recipe ideas? 

Heather-🎙️True. Those are popular Pinterest topics, but did you know Pinterest is secretly driving traffic for thousands of strategic small business owners?

Wow. It’s awesome to chat with someone “in the know”. You’re going to give us the “secret sauce” to getting started with Pinterest marketing for business. Small business owners are always trying to up their marketing game!

Does Pinterest lend itself to some types of small businesses over other types?

You can understand this question, considering many of us have only used Pinterest for our personal enjoyment.

Heather- 🎙️You’d be surprised. Pinterest is a huge search engine. 

Many different types of businesses are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites and actually all of their social media platforms — even B2B companies like

Some B2B niches that use Pinterest include companies that specialize in traffic, marketing, ads, funnel strategies, client relationships, really — any SaaS company.

So if I decide to start a brand-spanking new Pinterest account for my small business, what are the most important first steps to get right so that I can run ads?

Heather:🎙️The first thing you absolutely need to do is keyword research on Pinterest.

Plan this stage carefully. Make a document. What are you trying to be searched for? What are popular searches on Pinterest that pertain to you?

Next you will need to set up your optimized Pinterest account.

Use keywords in your profile. Then optimize your Pinterest images in three ways. How?

  • Use your keywords on the image text overlay.
  • Use keywords in your pin title.
  • Use keywords in your pin description.

We’ll circle back and talk about Tailwind’s relationship with Pinterest in a follow-up article. For now, here’s a helpful article link from Tailwind on correct Pinterest image sizes.

What else is super important, Heather?  

Heather: 🎙️Install the Pinterest tag or “pixel” code on your website.

Otherwise you’ll be flushing money down the toilet when you run ads.

For WordPress users there’s a very helpful plug-in called PixelYourSite. Otherwise, you’ll need to Google this process or hire professional help.

NOW you’re ready to create a Pinterest board relevant to your optimized pins. 

  • Again the all-important keywords need to show up in the board title.
  • For better visibility, use a variety of keywords in the board description, also.
  • Use your same keywords to pin to a relevant board.

Heather, what are more ways a small business owner can create visibility and optimize their Pinterest business posts? 

Heather: 🎙️There are SO many ways to strategically link to your Pinterest to drive traffic organically.  

  • Link your Pins back to your website and blog post content.
  • Link to Pins to your sales pages on your website.
  • Link Pins to your YouTube Channel, Facebook business page, Instagram page,  and even Email service provider.
  • Don’t forget to link your Pinterest account to your Shopify stores and Etsy stores.

Final Question for today — what about running ads with Pinterest?

Heather: 🎙️If you already have an audience on Pinterest, I’ve created a YouTube guide to optimizing your Pinterest Ads. If you’d rather read or print out a guide, my blog post on the same topic will help you. This will give you the ALL.The.Things. Anyone should be able to jump in and get started with Pinterest today.

Heather, thank you! You gave our readers so much value. 

We’re looking forward to sharing more #PinterestMarketingStrategy tips from you.  But, anyone can get started TODAY using Pinterest ads for business following your Pinterest optimization tips. Stay TUNED!

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Arjun Rai

Founder and CEO