๐Ÿ‘‹ Plz ReConfirm Investment if Prompted by Republic + NEW Product Updates from HelloWoofy.com! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Dear All ๐Ÿ‘‹

Hope you’re having an amazing day, we sure ARE!!! We’re excited toย release two new features onย HelloWoofy.comย to help empower small and medium sized businessesย around the world. WOOT!

Before the updates, aย major ask from us to you if you’ve invested before 2/12/2020 into HelloWoofy.com via Republic:

Some Investors Plz ReConfirm Investment (Check Your Emails)

If you’ve invested over the past few weeksย before our new Form C was filed on Feb 12, 2020, please make sureย you reconfirm your investmentย (rules and regulations) as a result of the new filing. Why did we refile?ย We had to refile due to the campaign ending few days before the airing of the TV show episode on “Meet The Drapers”ย where we pitched and now we can takeย full advantage of this opportunityย as well to push the Republic campaign forward.


These are exciting times atย HelloWoofy.comย andย we appreciate your tremendous support. First new feature is the ability to โœ… automagically translate english text in posts into any language of your choice opening up doors to clients you’ve never worked with before…no more boundaries! Second, we listened to our customers and introduced today โœ… bulk upload images…but we made uploading smart. When you upload graphics or images with text,ย HelloWoofy.com automatically grabs the text and converts it into text for posting withย too. For example, if we uploaded the following image to the platform:

Credit:ย Shutterstock.com

You can see how HelloWoofy.com was able toย “fetch” the text and create a post with the words found in the image itself…no need to re type or copy and paste the text. In fact, thisย works with ANY image!

As always, if youย have any questions or comments, feel free to post hereย or in the discussions section. I love hearing from you and getting feedback. Feel free toย sign up and try the productย as well over atย HelloWoofy.comย (the marketing platform driven by data science) andย if you’re a developer looking to try the autocomplete as a service APIย we built (also used insideย HelloWoofy.com), feel free to visit WordData.ai / EmojiData.ai.

Have a lovely day andย THANK YOU for your continued belief in our mission. โœ…

PS:ย We’ve raised over $86,000!!! …almost to our minimum then $1M!


Arjun Rai,
โ€œThis post originally appeared on Republic.coโ€
Founder + CEO,

HelloWoofy.com ๐Ÿถ