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That’s correct, we are working hard going down the list of items we announced we’re working on releasing before the end of the year or early Q1 of 2022. Above is a quick mockup of what our efforts for enabling underdog small businesses automate their Pinterest marketing efforts will look like. If you have feedback, please send it our way!

Details on Plans at HelloWoofy.com:

📌 SMB (1 Pinterest Profile, Create Board NOT available inside HelloWoofy, 3 Boards Total)

📌 Agency (3 Pinterest Profile, Create Board Available inside HelloWoofy, 10 Boards Per Account)

📌 Agency Plus (10 Pinterest Profile, Create Board available inside HelloWoofy, 25 Boards Per Account)

📌 Enterprise (36 Pinterest Profile, Create Board Availabl inside HelloWoofye, 50 Boards Per Account)


**Caveat is that Pinterest Profile does NOT add towards the limit as members can ONLY post to a board (not a profile on Pinterest)


We hope you will join us in our latest efforts over at HelloWoofy.com before time runs out (invest as low as $100 at WEFUNDER.COM/HELLOWOOFY. Our mission is to build the largest company on the planet while helping the smallest. Have an amazing day!!! 🤝


-Arjun Rai

Founder + CEO,

👋 HelloWoofy.com, Smart Marketing for Underdogs 🐾