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Favor Interview with HelloWoofy.com Pinterest for Business

Digital marketer Favour shares his insider Pinterest Live experience.

Small business owners are naturally curious and creative. Like our furry friends, we like to sniff out the latest trends. So when Favour Obasi-ike, founder of Work & PLAY Entertainment digital marketing agency, had the opportunity to attend a beta Pinterest Live event in May 2021, he jumped at the chance. He shares a small review of his beta Pinterest live experience today.

“What I loved was that before the Pinterest event went live, you could sign up for the event and RSVP, unlike Instagram Lives, and get a pop-up notification to join the Live,” says Favour, “This will be a really hot feature should Pinterest decide to roll out an official Pinterest Live option in the future.”

Favour enjoyed the whole interactive atmosphere of Pinterest Live. “You got to see creators talk about their products live.That’s cool. You could view the profiles of who was in the audience, too.”

Will Pinterest ever roll out the Pinterest Live feature?

It remains to be seen if Pinterest will actually roll out the Live feature, but if they do, it will change the algorithm for everyone. It will be very beneficial for small business owners to know the backend of this potential feature for SEO, says Favour.

How using Pinterest for Business is helping some small businesses scale

Since September of 2020, Favour has been utilizing a Pinterest SEO strategy for his clients, generating over 100k monthly views for some. He’s not new to the SEO game — just new to Pinterest. He’s enjoying some great success, thanks in part to his presence on Clubhouse!

What Clubhouse and Pinterest have in common…

Favour began sharing some of his Pinterest strategies for business owners in March of 2021 inside the Clubhouse room he founded. His upsell is a valuable paid online SEO-focused Pinterest for Business course, found on his business website.

Clubhouse is also a way Favour regularly shares business marketing expertise, inspiration, and education. Networking with other small business owners inside of Clubhouse has raised brand awareness for his own digital marketing agency as well.

“I’ve done two different free workshops helping small business owners,” says Favour, “but my next one will be a high-value paid offer.”

Why combining a Clubhouse and Pinterest strategy works

Using Clubhouse doesn’t necessarily lead to immediate conversions. But Favour inspires and educates business owners on how to scale using keywords and trends on Pinterest. He encourages other small businesses to try the same strategy.

Open a Clubhouse room and announce an interesting business discussion topic. Then sometimes these leads will become part of your social network and become your clients outside of Clubhouse.

“I help small business owners strategize on Pinterest all the time. They may have 18k plus pins. It’s not the amount of pins, it’s the quality. I help them bridge that gap.”

What a Pinterest for Business account can do for you…

Here’s why small business owners and even service providers should consider setting up a Pinterest Business account. No, Pinterest is not just for recipes or home decor!  Favour offers some helpful tips based on his years of SEO experience.

“First of all, articles and landing pages can live for a long time saved on Pinterest boards,” explains Favour. “So creating powerful content with a strong call to action is vital.”

Organic leads can come through the Pinterest funnel where folks sign up for his email list. Attraction marketing is working well for Favour.

How to find ideal images for your small business on Pinterest

Favour offers some pro-tips for finding your ideal images on Pinterest for your business:

  • Create a secret “test” board to see what the AI for Pinterest (called “pixie”) likes.
  • Put up maybe five pictures with no keyword description or links.
  • See what happens when you click on “other ideas” under those images.

If you generate other images that are related to your feed, then you’re in the right space. You’re on the right track, and you can see if these images will work for your business. Only test them out if you’re really sure of your audience, though.

Next, you can also check in Pinterest Trends for Pinterest Business Owners. Here you can see year over year results, based on what is searchable.

Finally, check out Pinterest Ads Manager. Look for  “long-term interests” or “search intent” related to your target market. You’ll see what people are searching for word for word. You can see the estimated audience size, and you’ll be able to dig in to the audience you want to target much more effectively.

What does Favour like best about Pinterest?

“Just plain old browsing,” says Favour, “I find Pinterest inspiring. I see other businesses and follow them, and build relationships.”

Building relationships and attracting your clients is where it’s at in the small business world. We’re always happy to share and support each other at HelloWoofy.com. We’re on every major social media platform, just for you, small business owners.

Don’t forget to visit Favour’s Pinterest & SEO Marketing Club room on Clubhouse, and also his Pinterest business page to learn more about Pinterest for business success strategies. Enjoy his helpful podcasts, too!

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