πŸ“Ί Content Masters Show with Arjun Rai, HelloWoofy.com and Joe Rubin, ARC Angels 🀝

The esports industry is growing day in day out. And yet it is showing no signs of slowing down. While regular sports tournaments are filling huge stadiums across the world, as millions of others tune in at home to watch their favorite players take on each other in their favorite games. As the industry grows, more investments are made, more developers push an esports agenda, and sponsorship budgets keep increasing, making the industry move from strength to strength.

Joe’s thoughts on how the esports industry has grown and its future

It is interesting how we got here; it was just the other day our parents won’t have any of it. β€œIt is growing like wildfire. It is insane. I mean, you mentioned some of these teenagers that are making a huge amount of money. You’re not joking. We contact some of these people, and we’re like, Hey, would you like to be a spokesman? You know, maybe we’ll sponsor you and everything and we can’t afford them. I mean, sometimes people are like, you know, you can’t afford me. I’m sorry. I’m like, you’re 16. I can’t afford to pay you. It’s insane the amount of money some of these people make. And it’s not slowing down. It’s projected to double, triple over the next several years.”

Joe’s favorite game

I’m going to date myself several. I’m almost embarrassed to say, so mortal combat, I would say it has been just really my all-time favorite game ever. I sadly, I hate to admit, I don’t spend a lot of time doing streaming and online gaming. I don’t have time. But if you were to say any game of all time, that would be it.

Joe’s thoughts on connecting people

Joe admits his passion for connecting people is to see them network with investors. He is excited about the event they’ll have in South California; β€œA whole bunch of startups, hundreds of investors, and putting together just a cool and light agenda. We have a few pounds, a few fireside chats, but the goal is for people to network, to see all the different startups. And it’s not just a tech startup; it’s not all technology. We are going to have some interesting discussions around how companies are getting together, how they’re working together. And something very different is a community path where we’re bringing in all of the organizations to get up there and speak on panels about how they work with startups, how they help startups, what their schedules are like, what they do, what they provide, who they introduce you to.”

Joe’s advice to entrepreneurs starting out

β€œI would say to overcome your fears. Get out there and pitch your business and bust your ass and find a company that generates revenue that makes you money. Find a business where, you know, you put in some money and then you start generating revenue. You can turn a profit eventually while still continuing to grow and produce those venture returns. But making money, a business model, I feel like that’s a that’s an important one.”

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