👋 Canva on HelloWoofy.com, $1M Partner Launch Supporting SMBs, New Features and More! 👋

🥇 You Wanted it. Today, You’ve Got it. Canva IS HERE on HelloWoofy.com…Go Ahead, Connect, Design and Post! 📣

☺️: Yup, that’s right and a lot more design integrations are coming soon as well. In addition to Canva (which btw works really well on mobile and iPad) being available as of today, you already have access to DesignBold and PicMonkey. Additionally, we are looking at 2-3 more design integration to add into HelloWoofy.com. If you have suggestions for other tools, email them to us! 📩

So, connect, design and post! Simply click on “Create Graphics” in your Smart Library or hit the “green dot” on the bottom right hand corner of “Single Post” or “Add Content” windows. You can also add in bulk custom graphics by clicking “Import Content” then “Bulk Images.”

🚀 Launching Two Efforts to Support SMBs Affected by Recent Economic Events: AppSumo $1M Software Fund and PartnerPrograms 🏆

👉 That’s right, we’ve teamed up with 1) AppSumo and 15 other SaaS companies and 2) PartnerPrograms.io to giveaway software licenses to those affected the most by recent events locally and globally. These are unprecedented times and it’s our duty to support our fellow founders and entrepreneurs in such industries as hotels, gyms, restaurants, etc. To this end, if you know of someone that would love tools to scale their business online or find new leads, click on the buttons below and send them the link! ☺️

 New Feature: Type Long Form Content and Autocomplete Using AI (Simply Hit “TAB”!) 📃

🐶 So, many of our amazing customers write long form content on social media (ie facebook or linked in) but also on their blog. It got us thinking, what if we used our patent pending artificial intelligence technology, that autocompletes words as you type for a social media post, but now also for writing long form content? Well, brace yourself, in just a few days we will be releasing what we call “Journal” that will allow you at first to post to Medium.com followed by other blogging platforms.  While running internal tests, we’ve seen as much as 20% or more reduction in time spent on typing the same words using autocomplete vs manually typing, thinking of the next word to write etc. OMG! ✅

🤝 We’re extremely excited to be testing this technology and developing it based on your feedback. This is why, we’d love to see what other suggestions you have so HelloWoofy.com can help you with content both short form and long. Email us with your thoughts! 😍

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As always, feel free to ask questions or give feedback via the comments section below. We hope you have an epic day ahead. Thank you so much for supporting us!


Arjun Rai,

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