[Patent Issued] πŸ‘‹ HelloWoofy.com Patents Smart Speaker Broadcasting Technology! Invest as low as $100!! πŸ“ˆ

Hey content masters! πŸ‘‹, 

Another amazing news as we get closer to $100,000 in raised capital on WeFunder.com/HelloWoofy… we’ve been issued another full patent by the US Government! That’s right, this time it’s one of our incredible home made innovations around broadcasting to smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa speakers! We’ve been championing the piece of technology for a while now and shown several examples of how the technology works inside HelloWoofy to schedule pre recorded videos with captions, emojis, and even links so viewers can click to buy or subscribe or visit a small business owners website or landing page. We’re so excited to be starting on this journey to help every underdog with creating content using AI (also patented) and now distributing it across the world via a new marketing medium and art, smart speaker marketing. Yup, it’s a growing field akin to the TV and will become a norm very soon to broadcast across these amazing devices. 

Watch the Smart Speaker Broadcasting Demo:

Now the question is, as we scale, will you be there to join us? Have you invested as low as $100 into our latest equity crowdfunding campaign? We have a very small amount of capital left in the “early bird” section after which the valuation goes up. Click here to invest now! βœ…


Arjun Rai,

Founder + CEO,

HelloWoofy.com / SelfTact.com 

Smart Marketing for Underdogs 🐾