Why does the content I posted not showing on my Instagram account?

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That is probably because you have not completed the Instagram publishing set up on your Woofy iOS app.


Before a post can reflect on your Instagram account, you must first complete these few easy steps:

Ensure you have an Instagram app on your iOS device;

Download the Woofy iOS social media scheduler app via the Apple Play Store;

Schedule your post via the web-app and post it;

Tap the Woofy app notification on your iOS mobile device (iPhone) to open it;


The post you scheduled on your Woofy web-app should come up any second depending on your network speed;

Click on the post and follow the instructions that follow from there.


You can also open the app on your iOS device and schedule a post directly to your Instagram account. If you have any issues with notifications, click here to see how to turn on notifications for your android or iOS device.

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