How to Use Hootsuite via the HelloWoofy Platform

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Hey there πŸ‘‹,

Welcome to HelloWoofy. We’re so excited to be offering Hootsuite customers the ability to take advantage of a data science and AI driven marketing platform such as HelloWoofy for the price of a cup of coffee a day. Keep in mind, the integration is within HelloWoofy and won’t show up within your Hootsuite dashboard itself. If you need help with this, feel free to reach out at

The following steps outline how the integration works, all you need is a

  1. Hootsuite account to sign into your
  2. account under Settings.

We offer two tiers currently, free and Pro (which is $49/year for lifetime). Give it a go!

Feel free to learn more about the integration on Hootsuite’s website as well here:

Setting up your Hootsuite account within HelloWoofy is incredibly easy. Simply click on the hootsuite icon below “Add Social Account…” button and follow the on screen prompts. Once done, you will see all your associated accounts from Hootsuite nicely displayed before you in the settings section of the HelloWoofy platform and categorized by social media network. You can simply turn on via the toggle certain accounts or turn off if you don’t want to see all accounts at once when creating single posts, launching campaigns etc.


Once you’re ready to post, simply click “single post” or “create a campaign” in order to schedule your social media content using the Hootsuite platform. All posts when using Hootsuite will be posted via your Hootsuite account. You can post via your smart library, the home tab, the visual calendar, etc.


If you’d like to see the app within the Hootsuite App Directory, simply click here:

Feel free to reach out with any product feedback or suggestions you may have. We love chatting with customers. You can also schedule a demo here.

Have an amazing day!

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