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As of June 15th, 2021, as part of Facebook’s new features, it’s required that this setting is on in order to connect. Turning this setting off automatically invalidates all access tokens which we rely on to authenticate the user’s IG Business profile.In the meantime, let’s try some steps to ensure this setting is ‘on’ in your Facebook settings and do a quick reset of the connection to see if this helps resolve the issue. Please follow these suggested steps:
1. Go toΒ Facebook.comΒ on desktop (not the app)
2. Ensure that the Future Off-Facebook Activity feature is enabled by going here and selecting Manage your off-facebook activity.
3. Sign in, if prompted, and then select Manage Future Activity
4. Ensure this is toggled on. If yours is already on, I would suggest toggling it off and then on again. Once done, please take a screenshot showing that it is on
5. If this is turned off, you won’t be able to sign into Facebook through other websites, which will prevent you from enabling Auto Publish and other features
6. Once you’ve ensured this is toggled on, please follow the steps outlined in this guide to reset the connection between Facebook and Woofy: Troubleshooting Instagram Connection Issues
7. When resetting the connection, please ensure all permissions are granted between both Facebook and Woofy

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