How to Redeem Lifetime Deal Access (Instructions)

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Redemption Instructions (for Lifetime Deals at 1. $49 One Time Fee and 2. $49/Year)

NOTE: Lifetime deals bought after April 15th 12:00 AM EST are on a $49/Year basis (or 14 cents a day) and will be Manually Adjusted to $49/year for LIFE After Code is Redeemed 12 Months Later.  1. Copy the serial key / code from the invoice sent to your email at the time of checkout (it’s under “serial key” in your invoice on the bottom right). 2. Visit app.hellowoofy.com > click “Sign Up” to create a brand new account. 3. After joining, click on “Settings” (top right under the avatar as shown below)


  4. Click on “My Subscription Plan” > Click “Get Pro” (You can pick either monthly or annual plan as it doesn’t matter at this point and you will see that the sum at checkout is $0. You will be charged $49 12 months from now at the payment method you are about to enter in the next few steps).  

5. Enter your contact info etc. Entering Your Payment Information Will Not Charge It Immediately (Subtotal Should be $0.00). Paste your LTD code from your email in the coupon code field at the very bottom of the Recurly page. We will use this payment method 12 months from now for another $49.

6. Click the arrow button next to the code and your cart will reduce to $0. 7. Click “Subscribe” and your account will be set up automatically! Visit app.hellowoofy.com to access your account. 8. Have fun! If you need any help, support is available via email below or “help” button within the platform. 9. You will receive an updated invoice automatically stating that the charge was $0.00 and a note about the lifetime deal for another $49 charge in 12 months.

Need Help?

For issues with the redemption process and/or the product, contact HelloWoofy at arjun@hellowoofy.com.

Looking to Buy the LifeTime Deal? Click here: https://hellowoofy.com/hello-woofy

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