How to connect an Instagram Business account

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In order to use the option “Auto-post to Instagram Business”(directly, without reminders from the app) account you need to check the following settings:
  While setting up your account from personal to business make sure to check the Business Account option and not Creator.


     1. Go to the Settings page in the Instagram account ( )

          And click to the “Switch to Personal Account” link

     2.Click to the “Switch Back” link

     3.Click the “Switch to Professional Account” link


     4. Make sure that you selected Business but not Creator

     5. Then click to the [Next] button

     6.Click to the [Next] button

     7. Select the category you need and click to the [Done] button

     8. Now Your Instagram Business Account is Ready. Click to the [Done] button

     9.Go to the Facebook account and select the Facebook page to which you want to link your Instagram Business account to enable auto-posting.

Then click to the “Settings” link 

     10. Click to the [Instagram] button in the sidebar

     11. Click to the [Connect Account] button

     12.Click to the [Continue] button in the pop-up modal window

     13. Insert credentials for your Instagram Business account and then click to Log in

     14. Click to the [Next] button 

     15. Refresh the page and now you are connected

     16. Go to the to the “Setting” page and now you can add your Instagram Business account to the Woofy platform

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