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HelloWoofy is a smart marketing platform. Whether you are a new, returning, or potential customer, below are some tips and tricks to best use the platform.

Tip #1:

Join the “Content Masters” Facebook group. In this group, you will find the HelloWoofy Community! This is where you can post questions, ideas, share your experiences, and, most importantly, learn.

Click this link to join (LINK) or go to


Tip #2:

Start joining Client Networking Calls every Friday at 12 pm EST. This is where fellow business owners like you share ideas, questions, and solutions live with the support of HelloWoofy staff.

Tip #3:

Having a hard time thinking about what content to post? HelloWoofy has you covered. Go to the “Discover” Tab to explore exciting topics and content to post to your feeds.

In the “Discover” tab, you can sort content by topics, recommendations, trending, and search. Click on a post you find interesting and matches your business’s brand; then, you will see two options at the bottom of the page “Create New Post” and “Add to Library.”

Creating the new post will allow you to post it immediately to your social feed (How to article). Adding to your library will allow you to add a campaign to post on a schedule (How to article).

Tip #4:

You can use posts in the “Library” as templates for easier content creation.

You can edit the base post; then, by clicking the send icon Send-icon, you can make quick changes by adding a different photo, hashtags, description, or emojis. Once you press send, it will go to your social media feed. However, the changes you made will only be for that post.

If you have any additional questions, please contact

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