Facebook Group Events are no longer supported.

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How to Add Facebook Group Events to HelloWoofy.com

Please note when you follow the following steps, all future and past posts with facebook will be removed. This will give you permission to post to events within groups.


NOTE: These steps are in case you already have Facebook connected. If not, you will automatically have needed permissions

1. Under settings on app.hellowoofy.com, remove facebook via trashcan then

2. Login to Facebook and click Settings on the right hand side

3. Click Business integrations

4. Select WoofyApp and click “remove”

5. Once done, come back to app.hellowoofy.com

6. Click on “Add Social Network” on Settings under Woofy

7. Login and autheticate

8. You should then be redirected to Woofy and see all fb groups, pages and events under groups

9. All set!

Next steps: Go to your Facebook group and create an event. Come back to app.hellowoofy.com under settings you will see (after 1 second of refreshing) all your groups and events below groups available. Make sure you are creating events WITHIN A GROUP not a personal event or business page event. Very important to keep this clear.


Feel free to use the help section or email us, arjun@hellowoofy.com.

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