How do you schedule stories for Facebook or Instagram?

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Due to limitations in the Instagram and Facebook API, HelloWoofy can only schedule and auto post on personal accounts. If you have a Business Account, please use the Hello Woofy mobile app to have an assisted posting experience. To learn more about the mobile app, please visit this page to learn more about posting using the mobile app, please watch this video.


Step 1:

Upload and edit your desired story on


Step 2:

Ensure that the image’s aspect ratio is correct for Instagram or Facebook stories. To learn more about stories, please visit this article (link).

In HelloWoofy, you can crop an image to the preferred aspect ratio. Hover over the picture you uploaded. Click the crop/edit icon.


Step 3:

Select the aspect ratio that fits what you’re trying to post. Each aspect ratio is labeled.

If you have any additional questions, please contact

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