How do I connect another twitter account to my Woofy account?

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Connecting another twitter account to your Woofy account is easy. After you have successfully connected your first twitter account to your calendar, go back to your browser and sign out your first twitter account.


After a successful signing out of the first twitter account, log in back to your Woofy account. Click on β€œSETTINGS” and further click on β€œADD SOCIAL ACCOUNT TO THIS CALENDAR” available by the right side of the settings area. Choose the twitter account option. Since you have previously logged the first twitter account out of your browser, you will be required to log in again.


Submit the login details of the new twitter account you want to add to your Woofy calendar – just like you did when you were connecting the first twitter account. Repeat this process to add more twitter accounts to the already added ones.

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