How do I choose a particular social account to post on?

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You may be able to choose a social account to post on only when you are able to schedule or create a post. When you click on β€œCREATE CAMPAIGN (MULTI POST) from your account homepage,” click on the date you want the campaign to go off and click on β€œNEXT” at the bottom to proceed.


At the top right side of the emerging window, you will see the phrase β€œselect social media account(s).” Click on the β€œChoose your social account” option directly below it then tick the box of any social account you wish to post on. If the box turns blue, you have successfully added that social account to the campaign. You can add as many social accounts as possible – provided that you have added such a social account to that particular calendar.


To choose a particular social account to post on using the β€œCREATE SINGLE POST” option: Click on the β€œCREATE SINGLE POST” button available on your Woofy homepage.Β  Scroll down to the bottom of the emerging window. Locate the β€œChoose your social account” box and click on the little arrow by the side. Tick all the boxes to post on all your social accounts. Please, note that the boxes you tick will be the only social accounts such post will appear.

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