How do I add a social media account?

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From your Woofy dashboard, click on the β€œSETTINGS” link available at the top. Locate β€œADD SOCIAL ACCOUNT TO THIS CALENDAR” written over a blue line by your right. Click on it and pick the social account you would like to add to that calendar.


For example, when you click on Facebook, you will be linked to your Facebook page asking you for authorization. If you are not already logged on to Facebook on that browser, you will be required to log in after which your authorization to allow Woofy to access your Facebook account will be asked. Once you grant Woofy access, Facebook will be added automatically as a social account to your Woofy calendar. You can follow the same process to add other social accounts to your Woofy calendar.


Note that adding your Instagram account involves few actions in addition to the actions needed to add a Facebook account.

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