How do I add a Facebook group to my Facebook account?

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A. Connecting Your Facebook Group (if you already have Facebook ConnectedΒ on

First off, make sure you’re an “admin” on the Facebook group you’d like to post to so that can connect and publish on your behalf. Once done, simply find your facebook avatar and name on your account under “Settings” on the right hand side. Scroll down to see all your pages and groups you are part of and simply turn on the page/group that you’d like to post to. See example Below:

B. Connecting Your Facebook Group (if you don’t have Facebook Connected on

Adding a facebook group is simple. Proceed to the “Settings” tab on your account followed by clicking “Add Social Account to this Calendar”. You will then see a prompt asking you to choose which social media platform you’d like to connect to. Once you choose your account, simply follow the on screen instructions. Afterwards, go back to Settings and scroll down to see where your facebook account’s avatar is shown below which you will see a list of pages and groups you’re an admin of. Follow instructions in part A (above) for next steps.

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