How can I remove/delete a social account?

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To remove a social account depends on the calendar you want to delete or remove it from. If you have more than two calendars, you must switch to the calendar you want to remove the social account from.


To switch between calendars, go to the top right corner of your Woofy account homepage and click on the calendar option lying in between a bell avatar and a human avatar. Click on the little arrow beside it and click on the preferred calendar. Once the page has been refreshed, you have successfully switched between calendars.


To remove a social account from that calendar you have switched to: You simply need to click on β€œSETTINGS” located at the top of your Woofy account beside β€œANALYTICS” and click on it.


You will see your added social accounts listed by the right side of the screen. Locate the small delete icon provided by the side of each social account name. Click on it and click on β€œyes” from the emerging option at the top of your screen. You have successfully deleted that social media account.

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