Does Woofy have a Google Chrome extension?

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Great question. Yes, you can download the extension here which will allow you to take many of the amazing functionalities found within the platform but available as you navigate across the internet. For example, the ability to take an URL and simply paste it within the text field allowing you to immediately see quotes and hashtags directly from the article, will also be available in the chrome extension as you navigate a publisher’s website. Same with adding content to your smart library.

On another note, one of the many data science driven benefits of using a platform like is the powered autocomplete feature that will also be available for your use across the internet. This means autocompleting words as you type in real time (as shown in the example below) as well as seeing contextually relevant (and possibly engaging) emojis based on over 150M data points.

This is the ultimate tool and it’s all included with your subscription. Finally, take back your time and compete like a social media pro!

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