Can I create content without having to schedule them?

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Yes! You have three options regarding any content you create on Woofy. You may decide to schedule, post it instantly, or save it as a draft.


To schedule, you can either do that by using the “CREATE CAMPAIGN (MULTI POST)” or the “CREATE SINGLE POST” options. To create any of these two types of posts, log in to your Woofy account and click on “CREATE CAMPAIGN (MULTI POST)” to schedule a campaign post and “CREATE SINGLE POST” to schedule a single post. Follow the instructions that are provided in either schedule plan to schedule your post.


To post instantly, click on the “CREATE SINGLE POST” button and create your post on the emerging page. Locate “Post Date” directly under “Emojis” and see the “Post Now” option, which by default is already picked for you. Any post you create at that moment will be posted to any social account you pick.


To save as a draft, create your content using the features provided to you under the “CREATE SINGLE POST” then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “SAVE DRAFT” lying between “CANCEL” and “POST.” A message will pop-up at the top of your screen congratulating you for successfully saving the post as a draft.

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