Can I create content without having to schedule them?

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Yes! You have three options regarding any content you create on Woofy. You may decide to schedule, post it instantly, or save it as a draft.


To schedule, you can either do that by using the β€œCREATE CAMPAIGN (MULTI POST)” or the β€œCREATE SINGLE POST” options. To create any of these two types of posts, log in to your Woofy account and click on β€œCREATE CAMPAIGN (MULTI POST)” to schedule a campaign post and β€œCREATE SINGLE POST” to schedule a single post. Follow the instructions that are provided in either schedule plan to schedule your post.


To post instantly, click on the β€œCREATE SINGLE POST” button and create your post on the emerging page. Locate β€œPost Date” directly under β€œEmojis” and see the β€œPost Now” option, which by default is already picked for you. Any post you create at that moment will be posted to any social account you pick.


To save as a draft, create your content using the features provided to you under the β€œCREATE SINGLE POST” then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on β€œSAVE DRAFT” lying between β€œCANCEL” and β€œPOST.” A message will pop-up at the top of your screen congratulating you for successfully saving the post as a draft.

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