Can I add news from custom publishers?

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The discover section of your Woofy account is stocked with the best and popular news sources from around the world. However, we are always looking for ways to improve and make Woofy great for our users. This means that we are open to suggestions regarding any news source of your choice.


You can always reach out to us via our email address at to suggest any news source from any country and custom publishers and we’ll be glad to take your suggestion and put it in place.


You can also add a news source to your library – provided such news source has an RSS feed feature. To add a news source to your library, you may need to follow these steps:

From the library section, look through the left side of the page and locate β€œImport Content” from the options available. Click on it to see a list of ways by which you may add content from other sources. Locate the second option provided from your left and click on β€œIMPORT RSS” directly below the β€œImport from a website” words.


The next window will provide you with the requirements, including the URL of the website whose content you wish to add, the category the content belongs, the time interval, and other requirements. After you are done providing these, move on to save the content from the options provided at the bottom.

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