Can I add my own hashtags?

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As a matter of fact, you can create a playlist of hashtags and add related hashtags to each playlist. You can add a new hashtag to any hashtag playlist by using the following steps:


From your Woofy homepage tab, locate โ€œHashtag Playlistsโ€ at the bottom of the left side of the screen. Directly below it, you will find the tab โ€œMy First Hashtag.โ€ Which is a default hashtag playlist.


To add a hashtag to that playlist, look directly towards the right side of the screen and locate โ€œADD NEWโ€ and click on it.


You will get a pop-up window at the top of the screen requiring you to submit your new hashtag. Once you have provided the hashtag, click on โ€œSAVE.โ€ You should immediately see the new hashtag added to the hashtag playlist.