Hundreds of Thousands of API Calls Made in 2020 Using HelloWoofy Data Science / AI Technology + Demo 👋

Dear Awesome Supporters :👋

Thank you for your continued love and belief in our mission to support small businesses around the world with smart data driven marketing technology aka! We wanted to give you an update on just one component of our technology that is patent pending which is the API we built (known as / that allows customers to autocomplete their posts with not only words, but also the best emojis and hashtags in real time. To date, we’ve seen (see screenshot above) hundreds of thousands of calls being made to our API which means A LOT OF SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS! :📖

This is a huge success point in our company because it means that not only are customers loving our data science driven technology but using it daily (we see a good portion of our customer base using our product each and everyday). If you’d like to get started as well, simply head over to! :😺

Founder Hosts DEMO of in Content Masters Group :📺

That’s right, I am hosting #DemoTime where followers, customers, vendors, partners and more can come and ask questions via a Facebook LIVE! It will be hosted in our private Facebook group but make sure you join and answer the questions we have to be accepted. In fact, we’re using our own technology to automate the session! Now that’s called eating your own dog food. Haha.🐾

Click to join Content Masters!

PS: In order to stay compliant with rules and regulations from SEC and Republic, please make sure all your questions during FB LIVE are related to the product and not this fundraise presented here. If any questions are asked related to fundraise, we must copy and paste those directly to the discussions section below as good practice. Thank you for understanding. 😍

PPS: We’re nearing $200,000 in total funds raised and just a few weeks left…WOOT!

PPPS: We’re almost done with our first Letter of Intent on a MAJOR partnership that will drive significant revenue in the next 60-90 days for…details coming soon!

Wishing you and yours the very best. 🤝


Arjun Rai,

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