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HelloWoofy helps you create and automate your social media content + schedule with the power of AI (Now, works with Hootsuite Integration). Prices increase Jan 1, 2021 to $69/year!


Have you been following all the famous social media influencers who are “insta famous” and wondered how you can be too? how your business can be too? If there’s one thing we’ve gathered from all the “gurus” is that we must be pushing out content on social media basically 24/7.

Keeping up with this requires a full time job and can be exhausting. But hey, someone’s gotta do it…

So what if your new best friend, Woofy, could do it all for you?

Meet HelloWoofy, your secret social media’s best friend at your service…

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  • Great for: Marketers and social media professionals looking to save hours of never ending gruntwork while experiencing better optimized posts/engagement.
  • Connect your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (groups and pages), and LinkedIn (profiles and pages) accounts.
  • Schedule social campaigns, optimize posts and automagically create new content, check content for compliance, and save it all in a smart library
  • Autocomplete text in social posts with the best words, quotes, emojis, hashtags, and images using built-in AI

How does HelloWoofy help you save time, optimize your social posts and make data driven decisions using data science?

Driven by HelloWoofy’s complex algorithms, customers can experience high quality content creation capabilities based on tens of millions of data points. Call it magical.

You can begin by adding your own content, discovering the latest articles in the Discover section, importing content via RSS feeds or build uploading via CSV files (soon, you can also drag and drop bulk images and add content using just your voice). 

Once you’re done adding content to your smart library, your best friend gets to work continuously learning using AI.

As soon as you enter the URL to an article, Woofy will fetch quotes like a good boy and recommend them to you along with optimum hashtags, emojis in a matter of seconds. Go one step further by translating the post text into any language of your choice. Really! You probably want to give him a treat because not only does Woofy do that, clicking the smart purple bulb means Woofy also finds copyright free images for you to use with your amazing post…again in seconds!

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When it comes to posting, post immediately or schedule a single post in the future. Better yet, you can command Woofy to schedule when you want him to fetch content from your smart library by choosing specific categories (he deserves a real pat).

Did we mention that Woofy is also smart enough to recognize your graphics or photos to suggest hashtags based on what it sees? Yup, you can also upload graphics with entire sentences to convert into text based social posts in bulk…in seconds (see the import section for bulk image uploads). 🔍

30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Schedule a Demo

Did we mention that Woofy is also smart enough to recognize your graphics or photos to suggest hashtags based on what it sees? Yup, you can also upload graphics with entire sentences to convert into text based social posts in bulk…in seconds (see the import section for bulk image uploads). 🔍

Scheduling content in the Calendar is incredibly simple. Schedule content on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis or as you feel fit giving you ultimate flexibility.

Furthermore, within the month/week/day views, you can see how busy your calendars are getting based on a simply three color key (green to yellow to red). If you need to see previously posted posts, simply click on them for details! Woofy even listens to your commands using voice recognition (go ahead, click the Helix on the bottom right and say, “create a campaign”). 🗣️

30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Schedule a Demo

Woofy even safeguards you with a built in compliance engine that automagically flags content that may have a high similarity score (how similar a content is to something posted before by you) in order to prevent you from posting the same content too many times…Something social media platforms often times consider “spam”.

As a result, Woofy keeps your social accounts protected from being accidentally considered a source of spam or in some cases, deleted. Something Twitter for example is very strict about based on their Terms of Service.

See Analytics on number of comments, likes, shares for both campaigns and single posts. Track your ROI from all your organic marketing efforts in an intuitive dashboard. 📊

Rest assured, you have full control over all your social media accounts. Woofy even has a “stop” switch that halts posting across the platform for those unlikely events.

Moreover, add your colleagues to your account with limited or full access ranging from admin, editor, manager to viewer (you can even specify which calendars and categories in your smart library you want to give access to).

You might be asking why emojis are so incredibly important and why Woofy places so much importance on it, right?

According to leading research from top marketing companies, emojis have been shown to drive double digit uplifts in engagement only problem is, with over 3000 emojis, it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect combination of emojis, hashtags, words and images when you’re running on a tight schedule. We are visual creatures after all…just think about how popular Pinterest and Instagram are!

Woofy handles it all with ease. Plus, respondents in a survey say they are more likely to follow and actually make a purchase from brands that use emojis! OMG! So go ahead and pick which emojis you want to use based on which ones are most popular…see below the real time emoji keyboard.

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Powered by / (a HelloWoofy built API that analyzes 150M+ data points in milliseconds), Woofy can suggest which emojis are not only most relevant to what you’re typing in real time but also which are shown to create most engagement. / also is behind the ability for Woofy to suggest the best words that may complete your sentences or word you’re typing (also in real time aka “autocomplete as a service“). 💪

Added perk: Free access to the HelloWoofy Google Chrome extension that extends these awesome capabilities to the entire internet…add content or schedule posts from any publisher’s website or even your own blog! One step forward, you will be able to use the autocomplete feature in any text field on any website as well! This means help with tying blog posts, emails, taking notes, filling out forms and much much more. Plus you get the best emoji suggestions by double clicking any word in the text field too. ✅

But there’s more! What if you could also automatically create and schedule blog posts to Well, you can now using our new “Journal” product also included in this amazing deal for $49/year. Simply autocomplete entire blog posts, add your favorite images and videos and schedule to send to your blog followed by a social media post promoting the blog post itself. It’s so simple, even your furry little friend could do it! 🐶

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Now, Hootsuite customers can integrate their accounts with HelloWoofy to schedule content to their social media accounts. Use all the amazing data science and artificial intelligence features of HelloWoofy to automatically create, curate, then post optimized content in seconds. Plus, store content for use later using the smart library!! Ask us for a demo!

Bonus (Coming Soon Sept 2020)

  • 2x Free Copies of “Start Your Home Based Social Media Management Agency Business” eBook (Give One Copy to a Friend!)
  • Online Video Course (Full Access to HelloWoofy Customers)
  • Official Certification Upon Completion of Coursework

It’s 2020 and it’s time your social media management became smarter, savvier and even more awesome?

Social media’s best friend, Woofy, maximizes your content creation and social media scheduling efforts with cutting edge AI driven content creation, voice driven tech and an extremely beneficial compliance engine. 💃

So, bring all your friends and be sure to grab lifetime access now!

P.S. Learn how to use HelloWoofy like a professional by visiting our Youtube and Vimeo channels or find answers to your questions on our FAQ section!

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Deal Terms
  •  Lifetime access to HelloWoofy at $49/Year (or 14 cents a day)
  •  You must redeem your code(s) within 90 days of purchase
  •  All future updates
  •  Only for new HelloWoofy users who do not have existing accounts
  •  30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked


Lifetime Deal of Pro Plan
$49.00/Year | $588.00 Save 92%
  •  25 Social Accounts and up to 9 Team Members
  • Free Hootsuite Integration Available
  • Free Google Chrome Extension: Add Content to Smart Library from Anywhere + Autocomplete Blogs, Emails, Notes etc.
  •  Free iOS mobile app for Instagram Scheduling (Android coming soon)
  •  Social Media Content Automated Scheduling
  •  Supports Facebook (Groups and Pages), LinkedIn (Personal Profiles and Pages), Instagram (up to 10), TikTok and Twitter (Alexa Skill Coming Soon)
  •  Generate Quotes from Articles Using Cutting Edge AI / NLP
  •  AI-Driven Autocomplete of Text in Social Posts w/ words, emojis, hashtags plus copyright free image suggestions
  •  AI Analysis of Library Content for Compliance
  •  Accompanying Visual Search Engine
  •  Social Media Management Platform
  •  Autocomplete Blog Posts and Autoschedule to (WordPress Coming Soon)
  •  Hashtag playlists for quick access
  •  Import RSS feeds into library, bulk upload images and more.
  •  Voice Powered Commands
  •  Smart library storage
  •  Text Translation into Any Language
  •  Bulk Upload Images / Auto Generating of Text from Images
  •  Real Time Emoji Keyboard
  •  and more!!!
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