What is Woofy?

Woofy makes managing your social media accounts simple so you can more effectively market your brand, engage with your consumers and grow your audience. It even autocomplete your posts, suggests engaging emojis, hashtags and relevant copyright free images too. Itโ€™s a social media management, publishing, and amplification tool for optimizing your digital efforts all from one dashboard. Woofy uses a powerful artificial intelligence, compliance engine and voice assistance technology. Itโ€™s what sets Woofy apart from the rest. It makes gathering content while creating and scheduling campaigns easy, saving you valuable time.

Which social networking platforms does Woofy support?

Woofy currently supports delivering posts and campaigns to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and instagram.

What is the benefit of using Woofy?

Woofy has various advantages starting with the capability to manage all your social media accounts from one simple platform. Itโ€™s perfect for those users who want to save time and streamline management of their social media presence keeping their brand relevant. Woofy offers performance analytics so you can easily see how your content and campaigns are doing and allows you to collaborate with your team.

What type of support is available?

Woofy support is available by both email and chat. The chat icon located on bottom right side of your screen once you are logged into your account.

How do I get started with Woofy?

Getting started is simple, just click on “sign up” to get started. Our support team is ready to assist via email or chat (see the support icon on your bottom right when logged into the platform).

How do I know which posts will go to which social media account?

From the calendar showing all scheduled posts, each post features icons representing the accounts it will be posted to. A quick glance is all it takes.

How does campaign or post scheduling work?

With Woofy, you can easily build a library of content. From there you can schedule single posts or long-term campaigns in seconds with a few clicks.

Can a scheduled post that hasnโ€™t been posted yet be edited or deleted?

Of course! Woofy is flexible. Any scheduled post or campaign can be revised or removed however you wish. Just click on your scheduled post or campaign manage accordingly whether you need to update the content, timing, or delete it altogether.

Is there a Woofy tutorial that explains everything?

Yes, you can find this on our product page by clicking here.

What type of metrics can I get and can I generate reports with Woofy?

Woofy currently provides analytics to track engagement such as comments, likes and shares for full campaigns or single posts. However, a new dashboard is in the works that will provide advanced insights with ability to generate sharable reports.

How does social media scheduling work?

With Woofyโ€™s easy to use color coded dashboard, itโ€™s simple to schedule single posts or long-term campaigns across all your social media profiles in one place. Woofy allows options for timeline or calendar view so you can keep your efforts on track.

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