Emojidata ai πŸ‘‹ AI for Autocomplete of Words and Emojis API – UPDATE πŸ‘‹ By HelloWoofy.com

Hey πŸ‘‹ everyone, hope all is well. We wanted to give you a quick technology update on our EmojiData.ai APIΒ which we’ve made several folds faster as of todayΒ beating even Bloomberg Financial News API (see video) in terms of latency or the speed at which API calls are made. THIS IS HUGE!!! βœ…

For those who don’t know what EmojiData.ai is, it’s an API built byΒ HelloWoofy.comΒ that allows customers to autocomplete their posts with the perfect words AND emoji recommendations based on over 50M data points / data science algorithms. This is perfect for not only a social media management platform likeΒ HelloWoofy.com BUT 1) email providers, 2) newsletter creation platforms, 3) note taking apps AND MORE! 😍

Why emojis? Because Emojis are shown to drive double digit uplifts in engagement yet with over 3000 emojis, it’s humanly impossible to decide which ones to use at scale, in real time etc. Plus, we recommend the best words to use to complete your sentences etc. ALL in real time…

Would love your feedback and suggestions. Have a lovely day! :🀝


Arjun Rai,
β€œThis post originally appeared on Republic.co”
Founder + CEO,

HelloWoofy.com 🐢