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πŸ‘‹ Under 38 Hours Left. Nearly $300,000 Raised. Are you in? Share with friends!!! πŸ‘‹

DearΒ Epically Awesome Supporters :πŸ‘‹ Here isΒ what the judges on the Meet the Drapers TV show [...]

πŸ‘ API for Autocomplete AI Tech About to Hit 1 Million Calls (in under 6 months)!!! πŸ‘‹

DearΒ Amazing SupportersΒ andΒ Prospective Investors :πŸ‘‹ It’s that time…we’reΒ just a few days away from closing ourΒ Republic.coΒ FundraiseΒ and as [...]

πŸ‘‹ Another Great Review by TalkMarkets on (Review Below)!!! πŸ‘

DearΒ Amazing Supporters :πŸ‘‹ Hope all is well. Just wanted to give you a quickΒ update on [...]

πŸ‘‹ Introducing TikTok on HelloWoofy + We Are Almost at $250k Raised Less Than a Week Left!!! πŸ‘‹

DearΒ Awesome Supporters :πŸ‘‹ It’s been anΒ amazing week and it’s only Tuesday!Β We’re excited toΒ announce our full [...]

πŸ‘‹ Why Are People Investing? Take a Look! πŸ‘‹

Hey there! :πŸ‘‹ The following areΒ real testimonials from real people mentioning why they love HelloWoofyΒ and [...]

πŸ‘‹ Thank You for Increasing Your Investment!! + Recap of Meet the Drapers TV Show (We Won!) πŸ‘‹

DearΒ Amazing Supporters :πŸ‘‹ We’ve been sending you updates for several weeks now and requesting you [...]

πŸ‘‹ New Plans at HelloWoofy + Consider Investing More! πŸ‘

HeyΒ Amazing Supporters :πŸ‘‹ Hope you’re having anΒ incredible week…I know we certainly are given an exciting [...]

πŸ‘ Milestone Achievement: HelloWoofy Achieves $100,000 TOTAL SALES! πŸ‘

DearΒ Amazing Supporters :πŸ‘ It’s time. Today we’reΒ honored to announce that we have achieved a significant [...]

πŸ‘‹ Watch Meet The Drapers TV Show ft.!!! πŸ‘‹

DearΒ Amazing Supporters :πŸ‘‹, Yup, it’s here, TheΒ TV Show we have been all waiting for. You [...]

πŸ‘‹ Updates: Customers LOVE! + Demo of How it Works via Webinar (Content Masters FB Group)! πŸ‘‹

DearΒ Amazing Investors :πŸ‘‹ It’s Friday but theΒ hustle continues on at our humble little startup taking [...]