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👋 Alert: We’re aware of tech issues. Thanks for your patience. ✅

👋 ALERT: We are aware that future posts were posted earlier today on certain members [...]

👋 You made it happen underdog…HelloWoofy Thanks YOU! Invest as low as $100! ✅

🙂 Proud Moment: We love our customers, partners, investors and friends at HelloWoofy. Because of [...]

👋 $10 HelloWoofy Credit for Everyone! 🙏🏼

🙏🏼 We’re so sorry about the outages this past weekend. We love you’re using the [...]

👋 Diversify Your Marketing Portfolio with Mailchimp in HelloWoofy…Want to know how? 🙂

💪 With opens rates averaging 20-50% for our email marketing, it’s no shocker that you [...]

👋 Want to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs? Try Group Sales Calls 🙂

👉 Are you looking to reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC) for your sales leads coming [...]

[Patent Issued] 👋 Patents Smart Speaker Broadcasting Technology! Invest as low as $100!! 📈

Hey content masters! 👋,  Another amazing news as we get closer to $100,000 in raised [...]

👋 Generative AI Patented by / ChatGPT Craze! Invest as low as $100! 📈

Hey awesome WeFunder investors👋 , thanks so much for continuing to support our mission to [...]

😍 Update your bios! 👇

Another great post on staying relevant when it comes to digital presence. Updating your bios [...]

👏 Black Friday Deal: FREE Gift from HelloWoofy (an app to do your networking) + Become an Investor in HelloWoofy!! ✅

What if your next in person networking event wasn’t so much of a hassle with [...]

🐶 A HelloWoofy Update! (6/29/2022 Newsletter) 📰

🚀HelloWoofy updates and more!🐶 👀 Recent updates  Underdogs! The HelloWoofy team has been hard at [...]