👏 API for Autocomplete AI Tech About to Hit 1 Million Calls (in under 6 months)!!! 👋

Dear Amazing Supporters and Prospective Investors :👋

It’s that time…we’re just a few days away from closing our Republic.co Fundraise and as you can see, the people absolutely love our product and are using it to boost their business online EACH and EVERY day. Take a look at the chart above of our internal backend of how many times our own enterprise grade API has been used in a short 5ish months…We’re about to hit 1 MILLION API calls***!!! :👏

***AI Autocomplete API is used to recommend words and emojis in real time 

If you’ve invested into our mission to support every small business owner with AI driven marketing technology, consider increasing your investment and owning a larger piece of the potential. If you’re one of hundreds of people following us and considering investing, do it NOW! We only have a few days left…which means the TIME IS NOW! :🚀

In addition to the current fundraise, we’re in serious conversations with super angels for strategic capital investment. What does this mean for HelloWoofy? It means despite the current economic environment, not only are we doing incredibly well each and every day in terms of sales (we’re about to end April with over $30,000 in sales) but we have capital to invest in the cutting edge patent pending technology that is supporting thousands of small businesses around the world!.

Will you join??? As low as $100… :😍


Arjun Rai,

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO,

HelloWoofy.com / WordData.ai