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The following are real testimonials from real people mentioning why they love HelloWoofy and in some cases, these very people decided to increase their investment on Republic into HelloWoofy because of the incredible progress we’ve made on sales, product, fundraising etc. Have a look and consider increasing your own investment (or if you’ve yet to invest, invest as low as $100 towards a company on a mission to help every small business owner with data driven marketing).

✅: Social Media Marketing Is the future 

✅: Data-Driven marketing/transactions are the way of the future. So, I simply like the concept and the prospect. 

✅ We need to stay ahead of the curve! At HelloWoofy.com, I see the power technology merging with the future to create a highly intelligent and efficient social media marketing platform. Work smarter, not harder. 

✅: I think this is going to be a great company, and I have a DS business and am loving this platform 

✅: I believe in the near future that this program will help thousands of people get there business up and running faster than ever before. 

✅: The founder a has winning combination of intelligence, experience in this space and strong business acumen. I also like the team and feel the product (HelloWoofy) greatly upgrades the social media entrepreneur’s organizational challenge. 

✅: I am a firm believer in algorithms that are somewhat based on semantic search/learning are a very important part of developing user friendly marketing tools and other software. HelloWoofy recognizes this and that makes them a desirable investment.

✅: I invested because I believe in the founders and in the product.

✅: I feel AI is the wave of the future.

✅: Impressive CEO and team members. A lot of energy and team commitment to succeed. I particularly liked how your business is continuing even during the sheltering of the Covid-19. I was also impressed by your interview (hot-seat) with Neil Patel

✅: I believe in Arjun and his goals for success! I love his drive, ambition, and spirit! I believe there is a market to eliminate all the “bulk” with SEO and website success! 

✅: Strong founder and great product. As this evolves, I believe it will be much more useful and thus more profitable than Hootsuite. 

✅  I believe social media marketing is the future. And the powerful tools HelloWoofy adds will make the platform indispensable for all social media marketers worldwide 

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Arjun Rai,

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO,

HelloWoofy.com / WordData.ai :🤝