👋 We’re Back on Republic + Hootsuite Integration $49/yr + EPIC Product Updates. Hold on TIGHT! 🚀


😊Hey Content Masters, hope you’re having an incredible start to your week…we certainly are! We have some amazing news, updates and announcements for our community of SMB hustlers. First up, we’ve launched several new products to amplify your efforts on social media with your business and also, we’ve launched another opportunity for our community to own a piece of HelloWoofy company via equity crowdfunding campaign…see below:

✅ New Hootsuite Integration (Yup, Hootsuite customers can use all the amazing AI features of HelloWoofy to create, curate and store content then schedule via Hootsuite…includes all other products for $49/yr)
Journal: Autocomplete Entire Blog Posts, Schedule to Medium.com (WordPress Coming Soon)
Chrome Extension: Type Anywhere on Internet + Double Click to See Relevant Emojis
New Equity Crowdfunding CampaignInvest as Low as $100 + Own Piece of HelloWoofy Company!
✅ Smart Speaker Marketing – HelloWoofy Alexa Skill Coming Soon for Podcasters
✅ New Discover Section Updated
Android App – Available NOW! (for posting to TikTok and Instagram)





📈 Why One Investor on Republic Invested 👏

I believe social media and online business will increase do to the times. HelloWoofy gives a game changing way of using them both. 




✅ We’re Back on Republic Equity Crowdfunding Raising from Customers 🚀

👋 Yup, it’s true. After raising nearly $400,000 in our last equity crowdfunding campaign, we’re back after posting some incredible updates such as, we grew 13,322% since launch just over 5 months ago! What a miraculous journey it has been helping small business owners around the world with affordable AI + data science driven marketing tech. We like to say its like the “price of a cup of coffee” a day…but really, $49/year, no brainer right? 💰

👉 So if you’d like to grow with HelloWoofy, consider investing as low as $100 into our equity crowdfunding campaign to own a piece of the company…like legit, own a piece of HelloWoofy! As we grow, so do you! in just over 2 days, we’ve raised nearly $4,500. WOW! 😀






💻 NEW! Autocomplete Emails, Blog Posts, Social Posts, Notes and More…Brand New Google Chrome Extension Driven by HelloWoofy Tech OUT! 📩

👋 Exciting news, the new google chrome extension is out as of this morning!! Go ahead, autocomplete by hitting the tab key when typing anywhere on the internet including:

✅ Emails,
✅ Blog posts,  
✅ Messages in Facebook or Linked In Messenger,  
✅ Social media posts natively on the social network’s website  
✅ and more

Now, you can be confident in your copywriting skills no matter what you’re typing and where…literally anywhere thanks to the HelloWoofy Google Chrome extension

👉 Also, really cool feature…double clicking words in a text field allows you to see to see relevant emojis (emojis have been shown to drive double digit uplifts in engagement). See screen above. Plus, as before schedule single posts or add fresh content to your smart library while surfing the web (no need to open up hellowoofy.com just to add content). 😍


As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us anytime or send a help request via the “help” button on the lower right hand side inside the platform. We love hearing from you and getting feedback. 📝

If there is anyway we can help you with your business, we’re just an email away.

🎦 Feel free to schedule LIVE video screenshare demos as well if you need help, need clarifications etc. Schedule herehttps://calendly.com/hellowoofy/intro-to-hellowoofy-com

Sincerely 👋,

Arjun Rai,
Founder + CEO,
📥 arjun@hellowoofy.com
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