👋 Updates on Google // HelloWoofy.com + Awesome Investment YouTuber Review 👋

Dear Amazing Epic Supporters :👋

Hope your Thursday is going well. Quick update from the HelloWoofy.com team includes recent email from the Google Cloud team that they are expanding our original $100,000 Google Cloud Credits for ANOTHER YEAR! When we say Google Credits, we mean the ability to cover ALL our backend server expenses for running our incredible data science and full stack technology further giving us an “unfair” advantage on the quest to expanding our business this year.😺

We now have a huge runway from a technical resources perspective, combined with the raise here on Republic as well as outside capital from super angels (currently in talks), looks like 2020 is going to be an epic year for HelloWoofy.com. :+1:

🎙️ YouTuber Reviews HelloWoofy Raise (Not Advice, Please Consult Your Financial Advisor First) 📺

What a surprise it was this morning when we found out in the Discussions section that Gabriel Jarrosson had posted an amazing review of HelloWoofy on his Youtube channel. You can watch the video above and see a few quotes below from the session. Decide for yourself what you think but we will say, the major updates in the “updates” section were not discussed and so majority of the review is based on initial data and NOT based on current metrics…but he liked it even then! :✅

“The metrics and everything else looks pretty good…”

“The addressable market is obviously huge…”

“The valuation is pretty fair and straight forward…”

See you tomorrow for another round of amazing updates coming straight from your favorite startup, HelloWoofy.com, on a mission to support EVERY small business owner (underdogs) around the world with data science driven marketing. :🚀


Arjun Rai

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO,

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