👋 Updates: Customers LOVE HelloWoofy.com! + Demo of How it Works via Webinar (Content Masters FB Group)! 👋

Dear Amazing Investors :👋

It’s Friday but the hustle continues on at our humble little startup taking on the world of digital online marketing. ✅

We wanted to give you a few insights into the platform and reasons to possibly increase your investment, share with your friends that anyone can invest as low as $100 (or less) into supporting your favorite startup, HelloWoofy.com. Check out a few of the following stats directly from our backend showing exactly how much usage our platform has seen in just a few short months in existence. :😍

🚀 Statistics from HelloWoofy.com Social Media Management Platform (A.I. Driven Marketing) 🔬

  • 👉Total Campaigns Running or Ran Before: Over 14,000
  • 👉 Total Single PostsNearly 20,000
  • 👉 Total Posts Saved to Smart Library: Over 200,000
  • 👉Total Number of API CallsOver 700,000 (this is how many times API was called to help create content using our AI technology, suggest emojis to drive engagement etc.)

From our analytics, we see several hundreds of users visiting their accounts on a weekly basis to create content, check up on their campaigns, run single posts and much much more. Soon, customers can even create optimized blog posts (or other forms of long form content) using our artificial intelligence technology that you know as autocomplete built in house by our team of data scientists. It’s incredibly how far we’ve come in just a very short amount of time and how far we can go with your support both in spirit and via capital raised here on Republic. Which is why our goal in 20 days is to reach $300,000 (and you can help spread the word!!!).💰

🎙️ FB LIVE Session with Customers #DemoTime of HelloWoofy.com (Originally Aired on April 10, 2020) 🎬

Just a few hours ago, the HelloWoofy.com aired a LIVE webinar with customers in our private Facebook group showcasing the powerful patent pending technology, how it works, and also taking questions LIVE as customers asked them. It was incredible to see such a turnout from people genuinely interested in creating a vibrant community but also to support one another. It’s the kind of spirit we need in these “weird” times. We will be hosting a lot more webinars and sharing product updates in the near future so stay tuned. Make sure you join our Facebook group to be part of the conversation!

👉 Click to Join HelloWoofy.com Private Facebook Group

PS: In order to stay compliant with rules and regulations from SEC and Republic, please make sure all your questions during FB LIVE sessions or within the group are related to the product and not this fundraise presented here. If any questions are asked related to fundraise, we must copy and paste those directly to the discussions section below as good practice. Thank you for understanding. 😍

PPS: We’re nearing $210,000 in total funds raised and just a few weeks left…WOOT! 💰

Wishing you and your family the very best. If there’s anything my team or I can do to support your small business etc., let us know below! :🤝


Arjun Rai,

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO,

HelloWoofy.com / WordData.ai :🚀: