👋 Update: Sales Data from HelloWoofy.com (Feb 15th – March 20th, 2020) + We Raised OVER $150k! 👋

Hi Everyone 👋

Hope you had an amazing weekend and that you / your family are taken care of in these “weird” times we live in. I want you to know that my team and I are working around the clock to support small businesses in any way we can. In fact, we are about to give away several hundred licenses to businesses most impacted by the recent events so that they may have a fighting chance to spring back with a firm focus on digital marketing, social media management, content creation etc. (everything we do for our customers currently using data science and artificial intelligence). 

Having said that, this massive undertaking to bring on new users (in most cases for free or reduced pricing from our $49 lifetime deal based on a customer’s need and circumstances) requires resources which is why we’re so glad we have surpassed the $150,000 total raised in funding over the weekend. Above you can see we are continuing to generate revenue despite global events and in many cases, have seen a gradual increase in daily revenue generation. This means more resources to help small businesses around the world because that’s what we do, we stand in solidarity and #UnitedAsOne when the call comes. In a small way, our software being so much more affordable and intelligent than any anything out there gives our customers (and soon businesses most severely impacted by the economy) an unfair advantage to compete and win online.

We wanted to share with our amazing investors on Republic the sales data above because as you can see, both our affiliate and facebook traction channels are doing extremely well. In 4-5 weeks we generated over $16,000 in revenue but we expect on average $8,000-10,000/month in continued revenue to be generated on the conservative side (but given our growth, this can be a lot more).

Additionally, we’ve accomplished an incredible milestone in identifying our core customers around the world and are bringing them on every single day. Currently we have over 2,200 customers on board making nearly 300,000 API calls (from our autocomplete engine which is used when a customer creates content and AI recommends best words or letters to complete the text) and very very soon, that autocomplete engine (patent pending) will allow our customers to generate long form content in 30-45% less time than before (this engine is trained on over 153,000,000 data points or conversations powering our artificial intelligence).

Hope you have an incredible Monday and keep moving forward. As always, if you have any questions related to the fundraise, please comment below and we will answer to the best of our ability.

PS: If you’d like to increase your investment, we’d appreciate that very much. I know several investors have stood alongside this campaign and already increased and we really really appreciate your support.


Arjun Rai :

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO

HelloWoofy.com / WordData.ai