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Dear Epically Awesome Supporters :👋

Here is what the judges on the Meet the Drapers TV show said (where we won first round and are now in 1st place based on overall raise of any contestant that’s raising on Republic) and probably what hundreds of investors also agree with when they invested in HelloWoofy.com. :🚀

We’re almost at $300,000 raised with just a few hours left…This is the time to increase your investment or jump in and invest as low as $100 (or more!!!). :👏

Why HelloWoofy.com vs. Others? :🏆

You can see from the screenshot below that HelloWoofy.com is just simply smart and beautifully designed for every creative marketeer or small business owner to have an unfair advantage when it comes to social media management. Soon, you will be able to utilize our data driven tech to create long form content in 20-40% less time with keywords, the perfect engaging emojis and more! It’s all here to give you a fighting chance against the corporate competition that uses unlimited marketing resources against SMBs who until now, could not compete in digital marketing. We’re here to help you Mr. and Mrs. SMB! :+1:

1 Million API Calls Total This Week :😍

That’s right, we’re just a few thousand API calls away from hitting our 1Millionth API call (on EmojiData.ai and WordData.ai – Products of HelloWoofy.com) which is basically when a user creates content, HelloWoofy.com makes a recommendation of the perfect set of words, letters, emojis etc. for the user. SO EXCITING!!! :✊

See you tomorrow for one more update from our team. Have a lovely day and keep hustling! :🤝


Arjun Rai,

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO,

HelloWoofy.com / WordData.ai