👋 Under 11 Hours Left, Nearly $330k Raised + Republic Interviews Arjun Rai, Founder at HelloWoofy 👋

Dear Amazing Supporters :🤝

We’re just a few hours away from the campaign coming to a conclusion but our ambitions, vision and mission will keep on going. Fueled with your support and contributions to our campaign, we are confident our goal to empower every small business owner (especially with recent events impacting our neighborhoods) with data driven technology at affordable prices will come to fruition…we already support over 3,000 people around the world! :✅

Check out our recent interview by the amazing team at Republic talking business but also the personal aspects of myself as a founder, those who have supported me along the way and more. Have a :point_right: read here :👈

🙌 Some but not all new upgrades / features coming soon:

  1. Autocomplete for Blog Articles and Autoposting to Medium.com
  2. Google Android App for Scheduling Instagram / TikTok
  3. Up to the Minute Scheduling
  4. Continued Upgrades to the Platform and UX Fixes
  5. Improved Discover Section with AI Driven Recommendations
  6. ImprovedEmojiSuggestions
  7. New Pricing Tiers (always affordable for everyone)
  8. Surprise Powerful New Industry Shaking Integration (Can’t Say Much) Coming Soon
  9. and more (keep sharing what you’d like added we we may just build it for you!)

🏆 1M Hits on EmojiData / WordData API (Patent Pending HelloWoofy.com Autocomplete as a Service Technology) :✊

Wow, what a journey…our customers (over 3,000) have made over 1 MILLION API Calls to our API helping them create content using artificial intelligence built in house by the amazing team at HelloWoofy.com. For those who don’t know, the API is used to suggest the best words, letters and emojis in real time as a customer types their content…it’s incredible how much of it has been used and continues to be used every single day. WOOT! :✅

✅ Nearly $330k Raised with Under 11 Hours to GO!!! Have you joined? Consider Increasing Your Investment!:moneybag:

Thank you once again for all your support and belief in our mission. Because of the people that back us financially or in spirit, use our products every day or are partners etc…it’s because of you that we can continue on our incredible journey as a small humble startup. We appreciate you joining us…consider increasing your investment or joining If you’re yet to join…every bit of capital goes a long way.

As you can see, we hustle and we’re on a mission to support every small business owner with data driven marketing technology at an affordable price point…Let’s go! :+1:


Arjun Rai,

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO,

HelloWoofy.com / WordData.ai :🙌