👋 Republic Founders/Investors, We’re Here to Help! Ask for a Free License to HelloWoofy.com or Coaching on How to Scale Online 👋

Hi Everyone 👋

We’re all in the current global situation together and my team for one would love to help EVERY business owner in our own way. Starting off, all Republic companies are welcome to email me (arjun@hellowoofy.com) personally to ask for a reduced or free license of the HelloWoofy.com AI Driven Marketing platform to help them automate their social media marketing efforts online.  You can be a founder of any company (restaurant, marketplace, hardware etc. we don’t care…we just want to help you in these weird times).

I am even willing to help coach founders on how to use resources to scale their online operations, find new ways to generate revenue etc. something I’ve had to figure out on my own on a shoe string of a budget (starting with $12,000 and you can see updates below on our revenues in just a few months).

I encourage the investors on Republic to share this update with your portfolio of other investments in Republic so that we can help them scale online as well. As you know, our mission is to help the “underdog” small business owner compete head on with the giants of the world with unlimited marketing budgets using data science driven marketing aka HelloWoofy.com. 🚀

We’re in this together. We will succeed and prevail together. We are here for you. 🤝

PS: If you’re emailing me, please keep the nature of the email related to a demo, free or reduced license of HelloWoofy.com etc. We must request all communication related to the fundraising on Republic be kept to the “Discussion” section below as per guidelines by Republic.


Arjun Rai,

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO,

 HelloWoofy.com / WordData.ai ✅