👋 Note from Founder + CEO, Arjun Rai: Company Update + New Investor Deck (10 Year Vision) 👋

Hi Everyone 👋

Hang in there, we truly appreciate and recognize your support (if you’re an investor already via Republic or if not, hope to become soon for as little as $100). I wanted to come out today specifically on a personal note and address a few questions that you may be thinking about given the recent events around the world. More importantly, I hope you and your family are doing well and have everything you need to get through the next few months…if there is ANYTHING my team and I can help with, let us know in the comments below. 👍

Know this, some of the best companies and strongest startups were built just before and during the last few historic economic downturnsWe have the resources, the team, the futuristic product and most importantly, the drive to get the mission done. That mission, by the way, is to allow small businesses (especially now as many are working online/remote) to compete against large unlimited marketing budgets with the power of data science (see the video for examples of how). 🏆

I want you to know that despite these recent events, we’re continuing to grow and being a digital startup focused on primarily businesses that are also digital first and focus on online marketing, we project to continue our growth despite outside forces affecting other startups. Here are just a few accomplishments for the past few months since launching HelloWoofy.com that we have achieved on a very tight shoe string of a budget…we say this as a proud humble team building the next big thing in digital data science driven marketing. :🤝

✅ Over 2,000 B2B Customers Use HelloWoofy.com (~100 actively every day)
✅ Over 300,000 API Calls on HelloWoofy.com (Customers Using AI to Create Content)
✅ Over 18,000 Posts Have Been Generated on HelloWoofy.com
✅ Over $90,000 Sales Projected to Hit by April 30th, 2020 (from Dec 2019)
✅ Over 80 Partners at HelloWoofy.com
✅ Airing on TV Show in Under 2 Weeks Pitching HelloWoofy.com to Meet The Drapers
✅ Raised Nearly $150,000 in Equity Crowdfunding of $1M in Just a Few Weeks
✅ Backed by 2 Venture Capital Firms and Incredible Group of Angel Investors
✅ Over 120,000 Lines of Code (Both Full Stack and AI Components)
✅ Over 153,000,000 Data Points Trained on with Artificial Intelligence Models
✅ 40-50% Email Open Rate (unprecedented for an early stage company)
✅ 3- 4 ROAS (Unusually High Return on Ad Spend Driving Sales on Facebook Ads)
✅ and more.

As you can see, we are a formidable force of nature and with your continued backing, we will prevail and in the process, help millions upon millions of small business owners compete AND win. HelloWoofy.com is a categorically new product built from the ground up. Learn more on HelloWoofy.com and support us right here on Republic (share with your friends of your proud investment!).

Wishing you and your family the very best in these times and beyond,

Arjun Rai,

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO

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