👋 Amazon Alexa Scheduler by HelloWoofy.com (Coming VERY Soon)👋 +Invest in 2nd Campaign Today! 👋

Dear Republic Investors ::👋

Wow, we’ve nearly reached 2x the minimum goal we set out with just a few weeks back. THANK YOU! :🎉

We wanted to give you a quick update on our coming soon new upgrade to HelloWoofy with the Amazon Alexa scheduler for small businesses, influencers, podcasters…creators of all kinds to share content into the homes of their customers, listeners, fans etc. Yup, we’re almost there! Have a look at the video above to learn more.


As always, we’d love feedback and any input you may have. Feel free to comment below or within the discussion sections on the main fundraising page. If you’ve invested in our 2nd equity crowdfunding campaign,  consider increasing your investment or if you’re considering coming back to put in capital, invest as low as $100.

Have a lovely day! :😍


Arjun Rai,

“This post originally appeared on Republic.co”

Founder + CEO